photo credit: TSNY Los Angeles

The Flying Trapeze in Punta Cana

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She flies through the air…

With the greatest of ease

That daring young girl

On the flying trapeze

Visiting the Dominican Republic brought out the inner monkey in me. The resort had a trapeze as a complimentary service to its guests, and you better believe I was up swinging through the air as often as they let me. It was hard work, though – in the end I had sore abs and a layer of blood blisters on my palm (as well as on my stomach and left bicep, which, what???). My shining moment was when I properly completed the swing-front, back-flip dismount, which was also coincidentally the time I enlisted the help of a German photographer to film me. Which was also the time said photographer didn’t know how to work a basic digital camera. Sigh. And then it never happened again, naturally. So here’s the video, sans dismount – just picture me back-flipping like I belong in the Cirque du Soleil troupe.

  • December 27, 2007

    You look like a pro in those pictures.

  • January 5, 2008

    If you really want to post your video here, just upload it to YouTube and use the embed feature to post it here. I do it all the time, which means it can’t be that difficult.

    While you’re at it, post your clip of TV airtime – the one you blogged about, but for which there were no links included.


    – M

  • January 5, 2008
    Camels & Chocolate

    Duly noted, thanks for the tips! As you can probably tell Web technology is not exactly my forte – streaming, bandwidth, HTTP, all these are foreign concepts to me!

    And the TC is sending me a DVD of the show this month, so I’ll post my meager 15-second clips just for you once they do 😉

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