Work With Me

So what is it that you do exactly?

If you’ve found your way to this page, you’re probably looking for additional information on the journalist behind this blog—that’s me, Kristin Luna—and this robust career of mine that can’t be summed up in a single job title, but rather comprises a string of complementary duties: writing, editing, SEO strategy and professional speaking. I also appear regularly as a travel guest on daytime talk shows, in addition to take on anywhere from six to 10 professional speaking gigs a year, from state governor’s conferences to professional writing organizations to nonprofit meetings.

Contrary to popular belief, Camels & Chocolate is not my job—well, at least not all of it. While it’s become an integral part of the direction I’ve headed professionally, I’d consider it more a platform for my work, a marketing tool for my clients, an evolving portfolio of my career. Since the late-1990’s, I have worked in every form of media—from newspapers to international news magazines to large digital platforms—to piece together a successful career playing up my strengths. Teaming with my husband Scott van Velsor, who also has a background in journalism, as well as business, marketing and analytics, we’ve created a small one-stop shop, Odinn Media, that tells stories through words, photos and videos. We write magazine copy, we teach media workshops, we interview/source intelligence, we take photos, and I even appear on-camera as talent from time to time.

And while we are open to related projects of all kinds, here are a few specific ways we might be able to help you out or collaborate. Click below to learn more…