From the Sicilian Valley to the Sea

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Begrudgingly, we left Connie and Gino’s lovely home after two nights and headed back to the Sicily coast, stopping to visit the fortress town of Enna in daylight hours along the way.

Enna, Sicily
Enna, Sicily

This time, we cut through Catania, where we had already visited on the cruise, but SVV wanted to see the state of Sigonella, a NATO base where he was stationed for three years.

Sigonella Air Force Base in Sicily

Obviously, we couldn’t go in, so we cruised right on by and returned to the waterfront.

Catania, Sicily

It’s funny to see so many people swimming and laying out when there’s no beach in sight.

Aci Trezza, Sicily in Italy

That night, we stayed in Riposto at our cute little B&B once more, so we could head up to Taormina the next morning.

Riposto, Sicily

Initially, our Sicilian plans included staying in Taormina for the bulk of our trip, but after some quick price searches, we realized that was not going to happen. Airbnb rentals are very few in Sicily, and with July being high season—and Taormina being a resort town—everywhere we were finding to stay was upward of $400 a night (i.e. far out of our price range). Eek!

Taormina, Sicily
Taormina, Sicily

So we stuck to one quick afternoon exploring Taormina, which honestly was enough for me.

Taormina, Sicily

It was a beyond gorgeous town, but so so crowded. I much preferred the lack of people in the off-the-beaten path destinations we had visited prior to arriving in Taormina.

Taormina, Sicily

After a few hours exploring the hillside town, we were off again. After our initial drive down from Rome, we knew we didn’t want to make that trek in one day—especially right before flying 11 hours back to Atlanta. So we broke it up and found a beyond adorable town, Pizzo, to stay in for a night.

We lucked out when we pulled up to the only boutique hotel in town and found they had one room left—for just 120 euro. I’ve never stayed in a hotel with showers that change colors! Consider me a converted fan.

Piccolo Grand Hotel in Pizzo, Italy

That night, the World Cup final was on so we meandered around town, found dinner, found gelato and found a TV to watch the game.

Gelato in Italy

The following day, we checked out Pizzo by daylight. The views of the coastline were stunning, and in places, we could see all the way across the water to Sicily.

Sicily road trip

But home called, and slowly, we wound our way back up the coast, as we headed back to Rome for our international flight, pulling over for vistas and yoga.

Sicily Road Trip

Another leisurely six hours or so in the car and we’d made it to Civitavecchia, where we’d stay for the night before catching an international flight to Atlanta, where Delta would then screw us over again and not get us to Nashville in time for my cousin’s wedding—but that’s another story for another day.

By the Numbers: What to Expect to Pay in Sicily

  • Car Rental (weekly rate): $320
  • Toll roads (from Italy to Sicily): $20.70
  • Ferry (one-way): $43.75
  • Gas (one tank): $61.40
  • Bed and breakfast (on the coast): $103
  • Bed and breakfast (inland): $62.50
  • Meal (for two): $17 to $45
  • Coffee: $1.14
  • January 28, 2015
    Leigh Hendry

    Love that headboard at the boutique hotel in Pizzo! And, the wallpaper, too. Not that the natural vistas weren’t fantastic as well…that sort of goes without saying, right?

  • January 28, 2015

    That hotel looks AMAZING! So pretty. I love the colors. Your photos here are gorgeous- I especially love that forearm stand! Way to go 🙂

  • February 2, 2015

    This is why I love Italy. The quaint B&B’s, “that” shower, dining al fresco, geeeelato. What more could anyone want!
    P.S. You’re looking hot young lady. Your hubby is a lucky man!

  • January 10, 2020

    It is a beautiful and enchanting place – and certainly gives inspiration for a Sicily trip in the future!

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