City Dog: The Adventures of Max and Ella

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Mom is feeling pretty overwhelmed with the onset of festival seasons and the number of visitors she’s got arriving this week, so she asked me to step in for her for a spell. Truth is she can’t afford my services on the regular, which is why you haven’t seen me blog in some time, but I gave her a reduced rate today because I was feeling charitable (and she offered to cook me cabbage and Brussels sprouts, my two absolute favorites).

Patriotic EllaI mean, life here in the Tennessee boonies is pretty hectic as you might expect; we’ve been working on a pretty major home renovation, and of course they tapped me to offer design consultation while sourcing tile from Mission Stone & Tile in Nashville. I mean, obviously.
You don’t make these life-altering decisions without my paw of approval.

Mission Stone & TileYou also wouldn’t believe the number of woodland creatures I have to terrorize on the regular. It’s like a damn Disney movie up in here.

WoodchucksMinus the singing; I don’t do chipper.

Ella puppyBut lately, we’ve had more than just woodland creatures visit the premises. Last month, Mom brought not one but TWO Spaniels home with her—and I was none too happy about it.

SpanielsLuckily, Murphy’s mom came back after the weekend, and I was just left with Sophie, a foster dog who left clumps of fur and a trail of feces around the house in her wake. She was cute, I guess, but I wasn’t displeased to see her find a furever home two weeks later.

Sophie the spaniel Sophie the spanielI also got a new cousin this past week. Her name is Charleston “Charlee” Lyn, and she’s something they call a golden doodle.

golden doodle puppy golden doodle puppy Sounds suspect if you ask me.

golden doodle puppyI was pretty disinterested in her, but my Aunt Kari seems a tad bit excited, so I guess I’ll pretend to be happy about. For her sake, of course.

golden doodle puppyThis weekend, one of the few canine pals I actually care to tolerate decided to come to the country for the weekend while his parents were away in New Orleans. You probably remember Maximus from our follies in Percy Warner Park. He’s about my size, a few pounds heavier, a couple years older.

Max and EllaHe’s also a happy-go-lucky sort of chap. Me? I’m neither of those things.

Max the ChihuahuaStill, I figured since you’ve read this far and are clearly interested in my whereabouts, I’d regale you with a recap of our weekend follies.

His and her naps. I won’t point fingers, but you can tell who wears the pants in this relationship based on the choice of beds alone.

Max and EllaMove over! This is my side of the eight-foot-long couch. You’re hogging it all.

Max and EllaMax on high alert for the spirits in the attic. I may have told him this old house is haunted. Oops. Hey, I may be cute but I never claimed to be nice.

Max the ChihuahuaHe woke up like this.

Max the ChihuahuaNo, Max; I don’t want to play. I haven’t even had my morning coffee.

Max and EllaThe answer is still no.

Max and EllaOh, outside is involved? In that case…

Max and EllaNow we’re talking. Though I’m still going to pretend you only exist part of the time.

Max and EllaMax is cool and all, but full-time, I’m pretty sure being only dog suits me.

Patriotic EllaCall a spade a spade—or a diva a diva—but it is what it is: This house ain’t big enough for two of us.

Happy Ella

Paws up,


  • June 8, 2015

    Ella, so good to hear from you again Dahhling! Simply adore the tile you selected! So good of you to help mom out in her time of need, with you being so busy already! How lucky is mom that you own her?! Kudos Dear!

  • June 11, 2015

    Beautiful and quite, quite charming. I love you Ella!

  • December 11, 2015

    Good question Ed. We are a sleiuppr and don’t do the roofing work. However, after 64 years in the business, we certainly know the good contractors, and are happy to refer them. Just email, phone, or drop by either store. Talk to one of our sales staff, and they’ll be happy to refer someone to address your situation. This way you can be sure you will get someone who will do the job right. Thank you!

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