Reggae Beach, St. Kitts

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One of my favorite St. Kitts days was our final afternoon of touring the Southeastern Peninsula. I mean, can we all just pause to admire the view spread out before you as you slowly work your way down that windy hill from Frigate Bay? Magnificent.

Southeastern peninsula of St. Kitts

After a brief stop to check out the latest luxury resort, Christophe Harbour, we were on to our destination for the day: Reggae Beach.

Southeastern peninsula of St. Kitts
SUP at Reggae Beach in St. Kitts
Flyboarding at Reggae Beach in St. Kitts
Flyboarding at Reggae Beach in St. Kitts
Reggae Beach in St. Kitts

First up: lunch at the Reggae Beach Bar, which is every bit as fun as it sounds, and then it was time to work off all those calories (coconut shrimp in case you were wondering).

Located right next door to the bar is St. Kitts Water Sports, a hut offering every kind of water adventure you could want from snorkel tours via jet skis to flyboarding with jetpacks.

Jade and I opted for a little standup paddleboard action. While we both are relatively experienced at SUP, there was the added challenge of the open ocean and a strong current that kept us paddling hard to stay close to shore.

After an hour or so, we paddled back to shore and were getting our sunbathing on when we noticed a creature scampering about in the brush.

At first, we thought it was a mongoose. We did wind up seeing a handful of those, but as we got closer, we realized in this particular instance it was actually a monkey(!) instead.

Monkeys in Flyboarding at Reggae Beach in St. Kitts
Monkey on Reggae Beach in St. Kitts
Monkey on Reggae Beach in St. Kitts

Yes, there are monkeys in St. Kitts. I know, you’re probably as shocked as I was the first time I visited Nevis and saw a couple of them out in the wild. This guy was particularly cheeky as he chatted and screeched away, causing quite the scene.

One of the servers at the bar was watching, too, and came over to hand me a bunch of bananas. Well, this monkey wasn’t shy as he made a beeline for me (or rather my bananas). I tossed the whole lot of them on the picnic table and watched his greedy, little self devour each and every one.

Reggae Beach in St. Kitts
Reggae Beach in St. Kitts

The sun was then setting, and we were starting to get fried so we took a little meander down the shore.

This was our one day of relaxation, and while I loved all the things we saw and did on the small Caribbean isle, I do wish we’d had time for more Reggae Beach activities before we ran out of daylight. Had I been in St. Kitts longer, I would have returned to this very spot on multiple occasions, no doubt.

We continued down a bit further to the beach in front of Spice Mill, which had loungers and beds right there on the sand for patrons’ use.

Spice Mill Restaurant in St. Kitts

Our original plan to shower before dinner was thwarted as there were no facilities at Reggae Beach. We may have cleaned off in the bathroom instead to avoid the 20-minute drive back to our resort just to get changed. The restaurant didn’t seem to mind much. One thing you’ll notice about St. Kitts is there is no real dress code anywhere. It’s the islands, mon.

Spice Mill Restaurant in St. Kitts

And it was the perfect meal to cap off the perfect trip with this perfect group of friends.

Southeastern peninsula of St. Kitts

I must say I’m ready to do it all over again.

  • June 22, 2014

    Great article and pictures! Glad you enjoyed your time on Reggae Beach. Definitely come back for a longer stay.

  • June 24, 2014

    Jet-packs! I’ve never seen this before- so crazy and futuristic!

  • June 24, 2014

    What a great experienced indeed, those pictures looks really nice. thanks for the share..

  • July 1, 2014

    Those jet-things is so cool! You didn’t want to try?

  • July 8, 2014

    woo! nice photos!
    ps. jetpack? haha!

  • July 12, 2014

    Looks like a clinic on how to spend a perfect day in St. Kitt’s … flyboarder in the background of two of your pics made them so awesome!

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