Panama City Beach, Florida

The Best of Panama City Beach

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It’s around this time every year when we have our first serious cold snap—flurries last week! in Tennessee! in November!—and I start dreaming of an escape to Florida.

Panama City Beach tends to get an unfair rap as simply a party destination. Sure, it’s popular for Spring Breakers because it’s such an easy drive for a lot of us in the South (and an easy flight for those with Southwest access). But it also has some of the prettiest beaches around.

Panama City Beach, Florida

For example, did you know PCB boasts 27 miles of pristine coastline and two state parks? I sure didn’t until I went up in a helicopter and saw the terrain from above.

Panama City Beach, Florida

On my trip there last May, I drove out to St. Andrews State Park, a former military reservation with Gulf access, a protected lagoon and a mile and a half of beachfront real estate, on my final afternoon following my SUP yoga lesson. Before I reached the beach, I came to a viewing platform over a marsh, so I stopped for a photo break and some wildlife spotting.

Panama City Beach, Florida

Panama City Beach, Florida

The gators were hiding that day, which perhaps was a good thing, but the birds were out in full force.

St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach, Florida

At the beach entrance, there’s a visitor’s center, shop and free parking lot. I opted not to rent any snorkel or kayak equipment—let’s be honest, I was there with one intention and that was to get tan—and so found my own plot of sand and boulder to serve as a makeshift lounge chair.

Panama City Beach, Florida

But unlike many beaches off the Strip, which are crowded and you have to compete for space, St. Andrew’s was blissfully empty.

St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach

St. Andrews State Park in Panama City Beach

A family sitting nearby asked if I’d watch their belongings while they ran to the car, so while on high alert—I take my job seriously, y’all—I spied this suspicious guy also on the lookout (likely for families leaving their belongings behind while running to the car).

Panama City Beach, Florida

I’ve seen a lot of animals on the beach—like deer in Kiawah Island—but this was definitely the first raccoon sighting.

Panama City Beach, Florida

He looked like he meant business. I decided if he really wanted the family’s lunch, it was all his.

Panama City Beach, Florida

So, who’s in? Meet me in PCB—specifically St. Andrew’s State Park—for lunch?

Panama City Beach, Florida

  • November 28, 2014

    Aw, I love St Andrews State Park, especially the kiddie pool ’cause I can just float around and not worry about getting sucked out to sea. Haha. Love the beaches farther up the Emerald Coast too….I have a favorite one, but shhhhhhh. ; )

  • November 28, 2014

    Nearly 30 years ago (while living in southern middle TN) I went camping at Gulf Islands National Seashore near Ft. Pickens. We had our tent up, hammocks swung between the pines, and pina coladas in hand (blender plugged in courtesy of the outlet in the rest room). Two freshly-bought pompano were wrapped in aluminum foil and marinating on the picnic table. Soon, in our sunshine- and rum-infused brains, we heard a rustle near the picnic table. We glanced up. Tumbling out of our hammocks while managing to NOT spill a drop of our pina coladas, we hysterically chased a couple of raccoons away – but not before they had made hash of one of the pompano.

  • December 4, 2014

    Fantastic photography. All those pics looks really awesome and it seems to be a very special place to spend time with our loved ones.

  • December 5, 2014

    Its really sad to learn about your experience at Florida…one of my favorite American states!!! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip!

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  • December 18, 2014

    Love the beaches farther up the Emerald Coast. Wonder full place…

  • December 23, 2014

    Who knew Florida could look so incredible deep into the fall season? Very nice perspective, thanks for sharing.

  • December 25, 2014

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  • January 3, 2015

    I was recently in US ( hovewer only DC and NY). Unfortuantely for us europeans trips to US often end up only with Washington and NY and we skip everything else.

    Next time I plan to visit at least one national park ( Everglades or Yellowstone).


  • January 13, 2015

    My grandfather grew up in St. Andrews and it’s one of my favorites spots on the Gulf Coast. In addition to the State Park (a good spot for beginner divers), I also love the cute shops and great restaurants–and the tons of history. Though I’ve never seen a raccoon on the beach!

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