Camels & Chocolate has had a steady Internet presence since conception in 2007, with thousands of posts and various accolades ranging from Southern Living’s “Bloggers to Follow in 2015” to Chris Elliott’s “Best Travel Blogs” award in 2012, 2013 and 2014. Kristin also nabbed the Bloggie for Best Travel Weblog the first three years of the contest’s existence (2008, 2009, 2010) before being retired to “Hall of Fame” status in 2011. Her posts are regularly featured by Travel Channel, National Geographic Traveler, Four Seasons magazine and countless other websites, and she’s been profiled by publications from Marie Claire to Wired. For her professional writing clips as a journalist, visit Kristin’s portfolio. To read more about C&C press, check out the media page.


All C&C posts are based on personal experiences, whether travel tales, home renovation projects, or great products Kristin and SVV can’t live without. Stories range from adventure travel in Iceland to five-star stays in Africa to gutting an historic 1800’s home—you’ll find a little bit of everything in these parts. Kristin firmly believes that the best blogs are about quality, not quantity, and while she is mindful of SEO and other web tactics, ultimately passion is what fuels her writing, not click bait. She loves partnering with brands who align with the C&C vision, but stresses that all opinions expressed on the website are strictly her own and not influenced by any person, property or tourism board. All information is accurate and fact-checked at the time of publication, but in the travel world, things are always changing, so if you notice a discrepancy, please feel free to leave a comment on the post in question or let her know.


Kristin has worked in the media for well over a decade as a travel journalist and magazine editor for some of the biggest publications and guidebooks out there. Thus, she has a devoted following of editors, fellow luxury travelers, and those who dream of quitting their jobs and flitting around the globe with no end in sight. Though C&C has regular readers in more than 100 countries, most traffic comes from the United States. A PageRank of 6 and a Klout score of 77—not to mention tens of thousands of social media followers—reflect Kristin’s influence and engagement across the digital spectrum.


It’s pretty rare that Kristin runs product reviews on C&C, but you are welcome to download the media kit and read about other options of how you might work together that are beneficial to your brand.


With a full-time career as a magazine journalist, Kristin has little time for outside travel that isn’t work-related. She’s also never been one for the pace of press trips, preferring to explore on her own time, without being herded around like a flock of sheep. However, if you want her to experience your destination, she is readily available for hire for influencer campaigns. For more information, download the media kit and contact the C&C team for a quote.


This site is exclusively written, photographed and managed by Kristin and SVV. At this time, they are not accepting guest posts or sponsored content generated by a third party. If you have a proposal for a partnership, please contact them to discuss an influencer package tailored to your needs. They kindly ask that you refrain from sending press releases or spammy pitches.

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