4 Hours In: Reykjavik

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Published October 2007; Newsweek International

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If you can brave the variable climate, you’ll find a generous helping of Nordic culture, aquatic cuisine and Viking history in Iceland’s thriving capital – just don’t leave your jacket at home.

BATHE in the therapeutic waters of the Blue Lagoon, conveniently located near the airport, or one of the city’s prevalent hot pots – outdoor tubs heated to withstand the cold.

EAT at Seafood Cellar (511-1212) and sample a native dish – lundi (puffin) or hákarl, rotted shark meat buried underground for three months to preserve flavor and served with a shot of brennivin, strong Icelandic liquor.

ASCEND the Hallgrímskirkja tower, which offers spectacular bird’s eye views of the city.

SHOP hundreds of luxe Scandinavian design labels along chic avenue Laugavegur, the city’s main stretch.


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