A Sassy Stay in Savannah

After recent visits to full-service resorts and all the travel we did on Semester at Sea using hotel points at big chains, it was a nice change of pace to arrive in Savannah—the ultimate destination for bed and breakfasts—and check into the Azalea Inn & Gardens. It had been awhile since I’d stayed in a B&B, and with as much as I like meeting other travelers, this would be my preferred method of travel—if all inns were as nice as the Azalea, that is.

One of the four Savannah Inns members, Azalea has 10 rooms, and I stayed on the second floor in the Live Oak Canopy. This king bed might have been the most comfortable, luxurious bed I’ve ever slept on—especially as I had it all to myself (something I took full advantage of!).

I loved the green color scheme of my room—so soothing—but my absolute favorite part was the big, airy windows, one of which opened onto a beautiful balcony, overlooking the pool. (Yes, Azalea even has its own pool!)

And I actually lit the fireplace in my room this time. I love sleeping with the windows open, but it was surprisingly chilly for south Georgia in March—60s during the day, 50s at night—so the fire enabled me to enjoy the fresh air while keeping warm.

Each of the other rooms had a different theme and color palette, too. I’m not sure which one was my favorite, but the two-story Cottage Garden House beside the pool is a top contender.

The inn’s interior was regal without being stuffy. Local SCAD students had painted faces over the murals in the dining room to depict locals such as the real estate agent who brokered the deal and other funny details you have to examine closely to find (I’ll save the jokes for your own discovery).

But what truly made this a memorable stay was the effervescent owner and innkeeper, Teresa Scott Jacobson, a dead ringer for Reba McEntire (or a prettier, much younger Kathy Griffin…depending on who you ask). Teresa and her husband bought the Azalea a decade ago while vacationing in Savannah and moved out from San Diego shortly after. Teresa added a whole new element of fun to my time in Savannah—it was like reconnecting with a long-lost best friend, even though we only met that week—and I’d relay some of her best jokes here were this not a G-rated space!

Teresa’s assistant, a four-pound Yorkie named Joey, is always present to greet new guests, bid you good morning at the bottom of the stairwell or at your feet during breakfast to clean up after you. Obliging chap, that Joey.

Speaking of breakfast, Teresa serves a full-on feast at 8:30am each morning. It was really nice being able to mingle with other guests, a few of whom wound up joining us late night in the parlor for the (complimentary) sherry that was left out for us night owls.

And because Teresa obviously believes her guests need to leave with five pounds of extra baggage around their midsections, she also makes a fresh dessert each evening that’s available with late night coffee and tea (or sherry).

You can see why I never wanted to leave.

You can see more gorgeous images of the Azalea Inn & Gardens here, as well as photos of its sister properties, the Green Palm Inn, the Dresser Palmer House and the Zeigler House Inn.

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  1. I am SO bookmarking this for a future trip to Savannah. I would LIVE in this place! My husband would love it. Great tip!

  2. A bit out of my price range but looks nice! My sister and I stayed at Park Avenue Manor when we were there. It was a cute little place and they had yummy breakfasts too.

    • I know the inns have done Groupons during low season in the past–you could keep your eye out for one should you plan on returning to Savannah =)

  3. OK… moth watering over blintz souffle and chocolate oblivion torte. Time for lunch :)

  4. I hope that tort fit in your suitcase. B&Bs are nice for the more quiet homey atmosphere. At least from my South Africa experience. Guess I should try a few in the states.

  5. Beautiful inn and very tempting treats…what else did you do in Savannah? (Though I wouldn’t blame you if you never left your hotel!)

    • Ate A LOT. Lunch at Mrs. Wilkes, dinner at Alligator Soul, dinner at Vic’s on the River, afternoon tea at the Tea House, and visits to Savannah Bee Company, Flannery O’Connor House and Juliette Gordon Low’s house.

  6. *Puts back of hand to forehead and collapses on fainting couch* Good heavens this place sounds amazing, and in one of my all time favorite cities. Would love to stay here someday! Now to go to sleep before I go on a pantry walk in search of something that isn’t nearly asa good as chocolate oblivion or baked peach delight :)

  7. Wow this hotel looks so good. Would definitely stay if I’m in the area!

  8. I’m bookmarking this as well! I’ve wanted to visit Savannah ever since I saw the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” years ago. It just looks so charming!

  9. I don’t know what it is but the idea of staying in B & B’s always makes me feel uncomfortable. I don’t know why! I do love the anonymity of checking into a big hotel sometimes.

  10. What a beautiful Inn – it is exactly the kind of place that I imagine when thinking of the South. Would love to visit that part of the U.S. some time.

    • You know, I think it might actually be only the second B&B I’ve ever stayed in in the South, which is probably why I loved it so much–for one, I love B&Bs; for another, I love the South =)

  11. Wow it’s really transporting you to another time, what a great place.

  12. I love Georgia architecture. This hotel … wow. Would LOVE to check it out!

  13. Looks like a wonderful place to stay–quiet and charming. It’s always nice to have a homey, personal touch when you are staying somewhere. And it looks like Teresa understands the fine art of Southern hospitality.

  14. This place looks delightful for sure. I’ll take a few extra slices of the chocolate torte please!

  15. Savannah is already on my list (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil is a favorite movie) s hopefully I’ll plan my stay there!

    • Ashamedly, I have not read the book or seen the movie. I KNOW. It’s about three books down on my 2012 reading list, so I’ll get to that soon.

  16. That looks so lovely – especially since I’ve been longing for some southern comforts lately. I have only been to Savannah once – and it was so HOT that most days we stayed in our hotel between 10 in the morning until dark. Fortunately however the trip ended with a kayaking trip in the Sound surrounded by dolphins. It also has a fascinating trolley tour as well, fyi. Wonderful city…glad you enjoyed it.

    • Ahhh you need to go back sometime NOT June-August then. It was really pleasant while I was there in early March, between 60 and 70 during the day every day.

  17. I loved Savannah when we went in October for the first time. It is such a perfect town for B&Bs–they really are everywhere in the historic district. I wanted to stay in one, but we were there for a wedding and they had a killer rate at a hotel that we couldn’t pass up. We passed by so many cute B&Bs and decided we had to stay at one next time! This one looks great.

  18. Kristin, your followers really should experience Savannah our way – so…. all one has to do is mention the name of the post they read when making a reservation at Azalea Inn & Gardens (either on the phone or online) and we will deduct $50 from the stay!

    Innkeeper Azalea Inn & Gardens

    • Teresa, that is very sweet of you! I will mention that on Facebook and note it in my future Savannah posts (of which I have MANY to write from now through June). Thanks for being so great!


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