The Gulf Coast: Bachelorette Style

Beer, boat, beach—the recipe for a perfect bachelorette weekend along the Florida coast. Read More

Sipping Our Way through Virginia’s Wine Trail

A leisurely day tripping around Virginia's Wine Trail, one vineyard at a time. Read More

My Reading List: Part XII

Stop what you're doing and pick up one of these books immediately. Read More

Coastal Trifecta: Acireale, Aci Trezza, Aci Castello

Exploring the Sicily coast and falling in love with the laid-back feel of this under-the-radar Italian isle. Read More

Bluegrass in the Belly of a Cave

Once a month, the caves at Cumberland Caverns come alive with sweet, sweet harmonies—and some of the best folk and Americana musicians you ever did hear. Read More

Photo Friday

St. Andrews State Park, Florida

Panama City Beach, Florida

It’s around this time every year when we have our first serious cold snap—flurries last week! in Tennessee! in November!—and I start dreaming of an escape to Florida. Panama City Beach tends to get an unfair rap as simply a… Read More

Wears Valley, Tennessee

Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

I’m thinking of phasing out Photo Fridays by the end of the year—mainly, because I think they’re getting a bit stale, and freeing up my Fridays would make room for other posts—but until then, I’ve still got a handful of… Read More

Missoula, Montana

Missoula, Montana

At this point in my travels, I’ve less wooed by the big cities and more drawn to small town charm with a commitment to all things local. A town with character and attitude. A town like Missoula. During my Ultimate… Read More

New York, New York

New York City WTC Memorial

I wasn’t in New York City when the towers fell. I wouldn’t move there until 2005 when the skyline had already been forever altered. While, at the time, I was in my freshmen year of college living with a roommate who… Read More

Recent Posts

5 Things I’m Loving About Nashville Now

Chauhan House in Nashville

With CMA Fest and Bonnaroo right around the corner, I feel like many of you may be coming to my beloved city of Nashville, whether for the first time or a repeat visit. Either way, here are a few of… Read More

The Gulf Coast: Bachelorette Style

Panama City Beach bachelorette

These days, I feel like a certified professional bridesmaid, and after this past week, I have yet another bachelorette getaway under my belt. Bride in question: childhood pal Andrea. Chosen location: the Florida Panhandle. If you’re Southern, chances are you’ve… Read More

Career Crisis 101: Don’t Panic!


I just got off of a Skype chat with a journalism class at the University of Oregon, the students of whom graduate in just a month. With the real world looming on the horizon, the panic of “what am I… Read More

On the Job: Tracking Freelance Income + Expenses


Tax season may be but a distant memory, but I get so many queries as to how I keep track of my various income streams and payments that I thought it was time to spill the beans. First of all,… Read More