Surprise! My Sister Got Engaged

My sister got engaged in Charleston this past weekend, and we were all on hand to celebrate... Read More

Blackberry Farm: The South’s Swankiest Resort

Welcome to the South's premier resort. Sit. Have a drink. Stay for awhile. Read More

#OneMoreDay: Take Advantage of Your Vacation Time

Where would you go if you had one more day of vacation? Read More

16 Ways to Enjoy Gatlinburg as an Adult

Under the misconception that Gatlinburg is only a family vacation destination? Think again. Armed with a close friend and lots of moonshine, I set out to explore the Smoky Mountain base town.... Read More

Eat Music City

The tastiest weekend of the year in Nashville is back as the second annual Music City Food + Wine festival comes to town. Read More

Photo Friday

New York, New York

New York City WTC Memorial

I wasn’t in New York City when the towers fell. I wouldn’t move there until 2005 when the skyline had already been forever altered. While, at the time, I was in my freshmen year of college living with a roommate who… Read More

Corfu, Greece

Corfu, Greece

I had been to Greece once before. In 2006, my former flatmate Jo from my Edinburgh days found a killer deal to Kos for 10 days. So we went, and we explored the surrounding islands and even hopped over into… Read More

Ponza, Italy

Ponza, Italy

When you go on a cruise, it’s always the unexpected towns—not the big ‘uns you’ve heard about all your life—that wind up being the most charming. Our first stop on our Royal Clipper cruise through the Mediterranean was no different…. Read More

Nashville, Tennessee

12South Engagement Shoot in Nashville, Tennessee

We cut our Europe trip a wee bit shorter than originally scheduled—though three weeks wound up being more than enough time; maybe even too much—to fly back at 5pm today and make it to the 6:30 wedding of two people… Read More

Recent Posts

This is How You Write a Professional Email

c/o Jeffrey James Pacres on Flickr Creative Commons

Last Monday, I received an unsolicited email from Katie, a freshman at a Minnesota college who is hoping to get into a travel-related career and was seeking advice. I tend to get dozens of these such emails a month, often… Read More

Surprise! My Sister Got Engaged

Charleston engagement

Which is perhaps not actually a surprise to all of you who follow my social media, as Josh’s sisters, my mom and I were not shy about sharing the good news over this past weekend. We can’t help it; WE’RE… Read More

Love in the OC

Orange County wedding

The last two weeks have been something of a whirlwind. In fact, in 12 days, I went from Nashville to Venice Beach to Orange County to LA to Miami to Grand Cayman to Charleston and back to Tennessee last night…. Read More

Blackberry Farm: The South’s Swankiest Resort

Blackberry Farm in the Tennessee Smokies

“Are you sure your GPS isn’t leading us astray?” asked SVV—who, truth be told, is not known for his sense of direction—as he drove the windy way off Highway 321 to what was supposedly our final destination for the weekend…. Read More