Photo Friday: New York, New York

Images from the new 9/11 Memorial and One World Trade Center's Freedom Tower in New York City. Read More

Photo Friday: Corfu, Greece

Our next stop on our 11-night Mediterranean cruise may have been the least exciting of all (but, hey, at least there was gelato!). Read More

Croatia: Lovely, but Not Cheap

While Croatia was one of the most beautiful countries I've visited in recent years, I also had sticker shock at just how expensive it's gotten. Read More

Montenegro: Climbing the Walls of Kotor

Is Montenegro slated to become the next big warm weather European destination? It won me over, and it only took a single afternoon. Read More

Photo Friday: Ponza, Italy

First stop on our Euro cruise: the cutesy, charming island of Ponza. Read More

Photo Friday

New York, New York

New York City WTC Memorial

I wasn’t in New York City when the towers fell. I wouldn’t move there until 2005 when the skyline had already been forever altered. While, at the time, I was in my freshmen year of college living with a roommate who… Read More

Corfu, Greece

Corfu, Greece

I had been to Greece once before. In 2006, my former flatmate Jo from my Edinburgh days found a killer deal to Kos for 10 days. So we went, and we explored the surrounding islands and even hopped over into… Read More

Ponza, Italy

Ponza, Italy

When you go on a cruise, it’s always the unexpected towns—not the big ‘uns you’ve heard about all your life—that wind up being the most charming. Our first stop on our Royal Clipper cruise through the Mediterranean was no different…. Read More

Nashville, Tennessee

12South Engagement Shoot in Nashville, Tennessee

We cut our Europe trip a wee bit shorter than originally scheduled—though three weeks wound up being more than enough time; maybe even too much—to fly back at 5pm today and make it to the 6:30 wedding of two people… Read More

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Nashville Neighborhoods: SoBro + Rutledge Hill

Nashville SoBro

As we’re right smack in the middle of Music City’s busiest month, I thought it perfect timing to launch my new “Nashville Neighborhoods” series in which I detail my favorite parts of a different ‘hood in each installment. After all,… Read More

Croatia: Lovely, but Not Cheap


Croatia is another one of those places I’ve been trying to reach for years, but has always been pushed aside for some reason or another: international airfare was too expensive, the season wasn’t right, a better (and cheaper) trip came… Read More

Montenegro: Climbing the Walls of Kotor

Kotor, Montenegro

I’ve always wanted to go to Montenegro—long before it was its own entity and when it was still adjoined with Serbia, maybe even when it was still deemed Yugoslavia, I really can’t remember. I’m not sure why, but it probably… Read More

Cruising the Mediterranean

Royal Clipper cruise in the Mediterranean

It’s hard to believe it’s been more than two months since SVV and I boarded that plane bound for Rome. Coming back and starting a new job—my first stint in an office in six-and-a-half years!—just two days later means my… Read More