16 Reasons Bonaire Rocks

From cactus liquor to TWIZY cars, donkeys to flamingos, here are some of my favorite parts of the lovely island of Bonaire. Read More

Sipping Our Way through Virginia’s Wine Trail

A leisurely day tripping around Virginia's Wine Trail, one vineyard at a time. Read More

Montenegro: Climbing the Walls of Kotor

Is Montenegro slated to become the next big warm weather European destination? It won me over, and it only took a single afternoon. Read More

Our Nashville Urban Adventure

How we spend a "staycation" in Music City. Warning: It involves a LOT of brunch. Read More

Photo Friday: Bahia Honda Key, Florida

A peek at the most beautiful beach in the Florida Keys. Read More

Photo Friday

On Island Time

Maldives vacation

I’m an island girl at heart. Friends always say they couldn’t reside on an island full time, but I’m pretty certain I’d do just fine living it up in a secluded Maldivian atoll or kicking it somewhere dreamy in the… Read More

Our Nashville Urban Adventure

Saint Anejo waffles

Remember when the recession hit and staycations were all the rage? Well, we’re bringing that trend back, much as I loathe the term. (Actually, I prefer “urban adventure.” Yeah, let’s just stick with that.) So many weekends of late have… Read More

Wreck Diving in the Caymans

Kittiwake wreck dive in Grand Cayman

If you had told Seven-Years-Ago-Me that she would willingly explore a sunken ship for the sake of fun, she would have laughed in your face. Or perhaps emitted a string of four-letter expletives. But this is a family-friendly space, so… Read More

Blackberry Farm: The South’s Swankiest Resort

Blackberry Farm in the Tennessee Smokies

“Are you sure your GPS isn’t leading us astray?” asked SVV—who, truth be told, is not known for his sense of direction—as he drove the windy way off Highway 321 to what was supposedly our final destination for the weekend…. Read More

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16 Reasons Bonaire Rocks

Kite City in Bonaire

My first trip to Bonaire was in 2010. I was there to cover a big diving event, and as such, many of the activities over the course of eight days revolved around that. I got my advanced diving certification at… Read More

Introducing Charleston’s Coolest New Boutique Hotel

Zero George in Charleston

When I put out calls on Instagram for Charleston recommendations, so many people responded with: “OMG you have to stay at Zero George!” (or some variation of this). I’d never heard of the property before, but as I’m one to… Read More

Pedaling Around the Holy City

Charleston by Bike

One extremely nice and convenient amenity offered by both of the places we stayed in Charleston was the fact that all guests had complimentary use of the hotel bikes. Now, I admittedly don’t do much biking at all as an… Read More

Exploring Charleston’s Artsy Side

Vendue boutique hotel in Charleston

I’ve had drinks on the rooftop at the Vendue a handful of times, I’ve recommended it to countless friends, I’ve sent my parents to stay there, but until last week I’d never actually been a guest myself at “Charleston’s art… Read More