Exploring Îles des Saintes

Îles des Saintes was the one stop on our Caribbean cruise with which I was not familiar. (Are you?) It’s a small cluster of islands in the French Antilles that is a dependency of Guadeloupe and an overseas department of France. So yes, it is very French.

Iles des SaintesRight down to the beaches where we might have been the only ones in suits…

Iles des SaintesDid you actually think I was going to post a photo of nudies sunbathing? Not on this site, my friends! Instead, you get abandoned beaches that we discovered en masse.

Iles des SaintesÎles des Saintes might have been my favorite port on our Star Clippers cruise. It was just so darn charming, it was authentic and, well, there were goats running rampant everywhere you looked!

Iles des Saintes goatsWe arrived on Îles des Saintes with no plans, so after a wander up and down the main drag, which was peppered with shops and European-style cafes, we knew how we would spend the rest of our day.

Îles des SaintesSVV has his motorcycle license, and so we rented a scooter and explored the tiny island on our own schedule.

Îles des SaintesIt was the perfect way to do so, I might add. We went down every single public road (and maybe some not-so-public ones, too) and were able to stop for dips in the sea or photo opps when the mood struck.

Îles des SaintesThis is definitely one of those sleepy Caribbean spots where you come for a week or two just to chillax.

Îles des SaintesI immediately felt my stress level lower a few notches by just being here for one quick day.Iles des SaintesWhile this is definitely not the place to vacation if you like a lot of action, I could definitely spend an extended period of time here.

Iles des SaintesJust enough to do so you don’t grow bored, but not so much going on that you come back from your vacation more exhausted than you left.

Îles des SaintesOne thing to note if you find yourself on this French isle is that most places don’t take credit cards or U.S. dollars like the majority of other Caribbean nations, so be sure and carry Euro on you. We found this out the hard way after we had already eaten lunch!

Iles des SaintesHow about you: What’s your favorite Caribbean island?

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  1. Never heard of that island. Looks beautiful and how fun to see it in a scooter.

  2. Gorgeous photos – I hadn’t heard of this island before but it needs to go on the bucket list!
    Erica recently posted..Galapagos Video – The Underwater BalletMy Profile

  3. Beautiful place, awesome photos. Loved the “pause the moment” shot of you jumping!
    Ryan @ Pause The Moment recently posted..How to Start a Blog for Under $100!My Profile

  4. Ohhh, that is the way to go in order to explore a small island (renting motorbikes). You always have a lot of fun when moving around with those.
    Ruth recently posted..Death Valley: It’s a Yellow WorldMy Profile

    • I’m just glad I had someone experienced to drive me around–you do NOT want me behind the wheel of a scooter!

      • Soooo, you’re saying you don’t want a go on my scooter when you’re in Monaco next month? That’s a shame cos you don’t need a motorbike licence to drive one here, nor even a car licence! :)

  5. What beautiful photos! Looks like a fun island. =)

  6. Wow, this looks like perfection! I thought I was relatively knowledgeable when it came to the Caribbean, but I’d never even heard of Iles de Saintes – I’m adding them to the list…
    the life pursuit recently posted..What happens in Vegas: the neon boneyardMy Profile

  7. What a cute little island! I love all the goats. My favorite Caribbean island is Roatan, but I’m biased cause I live here :)
    Rika | Cubicle Throwdown recently posted..A Year of Awesome.My Profile

  8. It sounds like it would be a little too relaxed for me to spend much time there, but it sure does look like paradise!

  9. OMG I wouldn’t have ever left! It looks like Paradise!!! Loooove the pics!
    Andi of My Beautiful Adventures recently posted..Buenos Aires, Argentina: These Are A Few Of My Favorite ThingsMy Profile

  10. This looks so idyllic, absolute bliss! Only been to Barbados but it was amazing. Lots of reggae, rum and relaxation!
    Naomi recently posted..Le Marché des Enfants RougesMy Profile

  11. This place looks so idyllic for relaxation!
    Joya recently posted..5 Awesome Things to do in SydneyMy Profile

  12. I have to say… This looks like a place I would travel to. I hate going on vacation and coming back exhausted because it was too adventure packed. I am currently feeling that even Waikiki and Honolulu are too city like for my taste…
    Cat recently posted..The Cost of Housing in HonoluluMy Profile

  13. I feel enlightened and amazed by the ‘discovery’ of these islands, never knew they existed. It indeed appears to be one of those charming and secluded place, where I would love to get lost and as you rightly put it ‘chillax”. BTW what is the ethnic composition, Africans? or French?
    Vinnie recently posted..Best Countries to Live for British ExpatsMy Profile

  14. this literally looks like the perfect vacation

  15. definitely St. Thomas!

  16. Absolutely charming, Kristin. I ‘m marking this on my bucket list …
    Charu recently posted..Not Just For Grown Ups: Kid Friendly Activities For St. Patty’s DayMy Profile

  17. It looks super charming and pretty. I’ve always loved St. Barths so I think I’d love the French feel of this island too.
    Danee Sarman recently posted..PaperWallet GiveawayMy Profile

  18. The place looks absolutely gorgeous! The weather perfect, nice blue water and no crowd!
    Arti recently posted..Sayonara, Japan: A final postcardMy Profile

  19. Looks beautiful and so peaceful. Send some of the sun over here will you?!

  20. Wow, I never knew these islands existed either! I love the Caribbean and have really enjoyed the extended time I’ve been able to spend in Grand Cayman and the Bahamas. I only wish it was a more budget friendly area!
    Alex recently posted..A Taste of Burma: Exploring Mae Hong SonMy Profile

  21. Love discovering new islands. PS: Love the shot of you guys in the rear view mirror. So artsy!
    Jessie Festa recently posted..In Search Of Australia’s Quintessential DishMy Profile

  22. Never heard about this small island. so much beautiful.

  23. Oh my God, it looks beautiful ! How I love this pretty island. This is a must visit island for my next trip

  24. I loved Iles des Saintes, and couldn’t believe I’d never heard of the place. Saw the nude beach, too. :)

  25. Beautiful photos and the place was really nice!
    travel and vacation recently posted..How to Choose a Travel Agency for Your VacationMy Profile

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