Commando Memorial, Scotland

Photo Friday: The Western Highlands, Scotland

We stayed in Spean Bridge on our road trip around Scotland, not for any other reason but that it was a strategic spot between Glencoe and the Isle of Skye.

Spean Bridge, ScotlandSo the fact that it also had pretty vistas and a monument to boot was just an added bonus.

Spean Bridge, ScotlandA mile above the cutesy town of Spean Bridge sits the Commando Memorial, honoring the soldiers’ lives who were lost during World War II.

Commando Memorial, ScotlandI can’t help but think this is a pretty excellent spot to rest permanently. The trio of commandos are depicted looking south toward Ben Nevis, the tallest “mountain” in the British Isles, and the monument is inscribed with: “United We Conquer.”

Commando Memorial, ScotlandJust above Spean Bridge on the way to Glengarry is one of the most beautiful viewpoints we visited throughout our vacation.

Western Highlands, ScotlandMy mom found her a suitor with a bagpipe—her second of the trip (and it was only day five!), I should note—to give her a history lesson. (Good thing my dad doesn’t read my blog!)

Western Highlands, ScotlandKari was giving him the stink eye.

Scottish HighlandsUntil he offered her his cap and played along with our Gangnam Style escapades.

Western Highlands, ScotlandAnd it was here that I also realized my sister is actually the superior jumper of the two of us.

Western Highlands, ScotlandWe’ve still got to work on her facial expression, but just look at that hang time! I better get serious about my own jumps moving forward. Time to vary the jumping pose…next trip.

Western Highlands, Scotland


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