Best New Restaurants in Nashville

5 Things I’m Loving About Nashville Now

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With CMA Fest and Bonnaroo right around the corner, I feel like many of you may be coming to my beloved city of Nashville, whether for the first time or a repeat visit. Either way, here are a few of the things that have me excited at the moment:

1) The whole experience at the Catbird Seat in Nashville

It only took me three years to snag one of the 20-ish coveted seats per night at one of the nation’s most buzzed about restaurants, but Y’ALL. Our fifth anniversary dinner at the Catbird Seat last week was totally worth the wait (and every hard-earned dollar spent). From begonias layered over tartare to ice cream wrapped in romaine, every course was surprising and inventive and delicious, and I wouldn’t think twice about paying $200 a piece again to replicate that experience (for another special occasion, but still). Though I never had the food previously, my foodie friends tell me it’s better than ever with Irish chef Trevor Moran now at the helm.

Best Restaurants in Nashville

2) Cheese, chocolate and wine pairings

A Euro-style cafe that does chocolate, cheese and wine—and offers pairings at that? Now, you’re speaking my language. Tempered European Indulgence debuted over the winter in Germantown, right in the heart of a very walkable area, and while it doesn’t offer coffee—you can get that across the street at Red Bicycle—it has Wi-Fi and wine (even more important if you ask me), and you will likely find me on the patio frequently in these warmer months.

Best Restaurants in Nashville

3) Lunch service at Chauhan Masala & Ale House

I was already loving Maneet Chauhan’s Southern-Indian dinner menu, but the lunch even has that beat: from the original Indian meat-and-three with a trio of sides, rice, chutney, naan and papadum to “sandwiches” like beetroot and cauliflower croquette to a lamb mint burger and a hot chicken pakora “po boy.” It’s also dangerously close to my office—as in, right out the back door—making this a dangerous discovery for my waistline.

Best Restaurants in Nashville

4) Boozy drinks and grilled cheese at Goozy

Does it seem like all I ever do is eat? Well, that’s partially the case, but particularly these last few months with so much good stuff opening far and wide in Nashville. I love the concept of a dessert cafe that also has a full bar of delicious cocktails and a half dozen kinds of grilled cheese. Even cooler is that Christie Hauck, founder of the famed Christie Cookie Co., is behind it. A couple friends and I dined with Christie and his wife on Wednesday night, and the More Cheese, Please—with multiple cheeses, Benton’s bacon, and mac and cheese between two slabs of Tuscan bread—was definitely a frontrunner (though there wasn’t a single thing we didn’t like, so do yourself a favor and order it all).

Goozy dessert cafe in Nashville
Goozy dessert cafe in Nashville

5) the sundries at The Southernaire

Owned by one of my favorite local restaurateurs, Tom Morales (of Acme and the Southern fame), this New York-deli-meets-New-Orleans-bodega is a much-needed, grab-and-go lunch addition to the downtown dining scene.

Best Restaurants in Nashville

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  • May 25, 2015

    Yes. Yes. And OMG everything Yes! Who knew that American food, not to talk of Nashville nosh, could be so enticing?

    We went to the California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona a few years ago and the food was so awful that I couldn’t eat most of it. The only bright spark was in San Francisco and funnily enough at Bellagio’s, in Vegas – their seafood wasn’t bad at all LOL!

    • May 26, 2015

      Come visit! I promise you will leave Nashville well-fed and impressed by our culinary talent 😉

      • May 27, 2015

        I might just do that one of these days. 🙂 We’re due for the US in 2017, as son is attending the International Boy Scouts of America Jamboree. We’ll have a couple of weeks to play with then LOL!

  • July 3, 2015

    Oh no….I’ve just skipped my lunch and that’s a mistake…..this is my first into Nashville and thank you Kristin for the tour. Glad you enjoyed the south- Indian food nextdoor……and it’s worth a waistline overrun

    • July 4, 2015

      Hope you get to visit Nashville someday! =)

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