Orange County wedding

Love in the OC

The last two weeks have been something of a whirlwind. In fact, in 12 days, I went from Nashville to Venice Beach to Orange County to LA to Miami to Grand Cayman to Charleston and back to Tennessee last night…. Read More

Semester at Sea

California Dreaming + 50 Years of Semester at Sea

I told you about Santa Monica, but I completely glossed over our seven days in San Diego and on the ship to be part of Semester at Sea’s 50th anniversary. Oy vey, clearly I’m a wee bit behind on  life… Read More

Fairmont Miramar in Santa Monica

Beachside Bliss in Santa Monica

These days when I’m back in LA, I opt not to stay in the fray of the West Hollywood madness or even in trendy Beverly Hills. Rather, a beach girl at heart, Santa Monica is my jam. If you’ve followed… Read More

Berkeley Marina, California

Photo Friday: Berkeley, California

I spent four years living in the Bay Area and only ventured into the East Bay once in a blue moon. (And before you say it’s San Francisco snobbery, I beg to differ: Have you ever seen the traffic on… Read More

Corona Heights, San Francisco, California

The Dog Days of Summer

Ella spent the first year of her life living in San Francisco, and during the two years we’ve been gone, I forgot just how doggone pet-friendly the city is. And Lawd if we didn’t take advantage of that during our… Read More

San Francisco Bay Area, California

Photo Friday: Pescadero, California

When it’s pretty in San Francisco and you have nowhere to be, you make for the coast. You drive down beyond Ocean Beach, past Pacifica and you keep on going. You go through the tunnel at Devil’s Slide, which hadn’t… Read More

Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

A Perfect Day in San Francisco

I’m making a mental note to plan all subsequent visits back to San Francisco for early September moving forward, because hot damn, if it isn’t gorgeous there when the Indian summer is in full swing. Balmy mornings, 80-degree afternoons and… Read More

behind the scenes at the GRAMMY Awards 2013

A Day in the Life: Social Media Manager

Andi is one of my oldest blog friends and probably the one with whom I interact the most frequently. On top of being an avid social media rock star and power user, a diligent blogger, a fellow globetrotter, a great… Read More

Whale Watching, San Francisco, California

A Whale of a Tale

The day started off lovely enough, sunlight piercing through the thick fog. We motored out of Sausalito with 15 others up against the incoming remnants of ripples from the Japanese tsunami. (Our Pacific Coast excursion took place, literally, the morning after… Read More

disney land-22

Photo Friday: Anaheim, California

Since school is out and summer is here, you’re no doubt gearing up for a vacation overseas to Europe in time for Olympic madness, or maybe a jaunt to the islands for some R&R at the finest of Honolulu hotels… Read More