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California Dreaming + 50 Years of Semester at Sea

I told you about Santa Monica, but I completely glossed over our seven days in San Diego and on the ship to be part of Semester at Sea’s 50th anniversary. Oy vey, clearly I’m a wee bit behind on  life… Read More

Ship Views

Why Not Give a Cruise for Christmas?

We talk a lot about what to give others this time of year. Well, I say: go big or go home. Forgo all the “stuff” and spring on a cruise instead—whether for your spouse, your family or, hey, even yourself…. Read More

Edinburgh, Scotland


I’ve been home just over 24 hours—and as usual, it was no easy, nor quick trip across the Atlantic—and already, the past two months are starting to fade away, as if they never happened. But I won’t let them. It’s… Read More

Fidel Castro

Castro, Gorbachev & Mother Teresa: Semester at Sea’s Legacy

As if Semester at Sea weren’t already cool enough, you should look at the roster of all the past and present notables who have sailed the open seas with the program. This past Enrichment Voyage, I was able to meet… Read More


Semester at Sea: By the Numbers

Everyone loves a good recap post, right? It seems only fitting that the end of my Semester at Sea coverage happens to fall on the day I leave for my next stint at sea. Still, in a nutshell, here’s the… Read More

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How to Cross the Street in Vietnam

One of the wackiest places I have ever been is Saigon, not for any reason other than the downright insane traffic situation. I mean, I did live in California for four years—I didn’t think anywhere could have more chaotic roads… Read More