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Kittiwake wreck dive in Grand Cayman

Wreck Diving in the Caymans

If you had told Seven-Years-Ago-Me that she would willingly explore a sunken ship for the sake of fun, she would have laughed in your face. Or perhaps emitted a string of four-letter expletives. But this is a family-friendly space, so… Read More

Diving with Diver's Den in Panama City Beach, Florida

Diving in Panama City Beach

Ever since I started diving seven years ago, I’ve heard that the Gulf is a must-visit spot. And I admit, it wasn’t something that immediately came to mind in the early days when I was plotting my next dive adventures,… Read More

Vandenberg wreck dive, Key West, Florida

The World’s Coolest Shipwreck

It was one of the roughest trips out on a dive boat I’ve ever taken, but it was totally worth it. Every single nauseating second. While visiting Key West in November, SVV and I booked a two-tank dive with Lost… Read More

Diving Key Largo

Diving in Key Largo

It had been exactly a year since the last time I went diving. Every time I go that long without taking a dip, I get mighty nervous. What if I forget how to deflate my BCD and look like an… Read More

angelfish in Anguilla

Diving Anguilla

After mediocre (yet still fun) dives in Dominica and Antigua, we were primed for some killer diving in Anguilla. And Anguilla delivered in spades—or should I say in angels? I’m not even sure how we found the dive outfitter Special… Read More

Antigua yachts

English Harbour, Antigua

Since we seem to be caught up in the Winter That Never Ends, looking back at these photos from our time in the Caribbean in December is a particular form of torture. I’m a sun whore for lack of a… Read More