Nevis: An Undiscovered Gem

Nevis is one of those islands that just never occurred to me to visit. Don’t get me wrong: I’m the type of person who wants to visit anywhere I haven’t been before—well, other than China; I never had a desire to go there, and then found myself in Shanghai and it was pretty much just as I expected—but two seconds on the Caribbean island made me wonder why it hadn’t been higher on my list (or rather, on my list at all).

NevisI mean, COME ON.

Nevis panoramaThe thing is that on a Sunday, in Nevis, there isn’t much to do. Luckily, that’s the recipe for my favorite kind of day.

Four Seasons NevisOur Star Clippers tender let us off in Charlestown, which might as well have been uninhabited. On Sundays, everything is closed. It would have taken too long to get over to neighboring St. Kitts by ferry. So, alongside Carol and Steve—who had been to the island a handful of times before—we wandered along the beach in search of Internet (them) and a pool and lounge chairs (us) at the Four Seasons Nevis.

Four Seasons Nevis It took us the better part of half an hour, sloughing through the sand, monkeys twittering about in the trees that flanked the coast. When we got to the resort’s domain, there was a path that led from the sand up to the pool There was virtually nobody there. SVV and I claimed a table and a lounger.

NevisWe were immediately approached by a pair of employees, who asked our room number. I thought they were going to kick us out when I confessed we weren’t actually guests. But they didn’t. They brought us a bar menu instead, and we promptly ordered cocktails and an appetizer.

Four Seasons NevisI’ve stayed in many Four Seasons resorts—from high up in the mountains of Vail to perched above the Opera House in Sydney—and this one was just as nice as all the rest, yet more laid back. The infinity pool was awesome, with beanbags that floated, and I could have spent days just chilling poolside here. But a full day of nothingness turned into three hours at the Four Seasons turned into time to go to catch the last tender, and suddenly our afternoon was over.

Four Seasons NevisWe trekked back up the beach and caught a ride with the Star Clippers‘ sports team on their zodiac back to the ship and enjoyed the beautiful view Nevis afforded from the water.

Nevis-12 Nevis-13There are islands we visited that I don’t feel the need to ever return to (see: St. Maarten, Guadeloupe)—and then there’s Nevis. Next time, I think I’ll pair her with a few days on her other, bigger half, St. Kitts, but the point is not if but “when,” as there will be a next time.

Four Seasons Nevis

If you’d like to visit the Four Seasons Nevis for your next Caribbean vacation, drop me a line at Kristin (at) GroupTrekTravel (dot) come, and I’ll hook you up.


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  1. Looks like the perfect place to do a lot of nothing.
    Gaelyn recently posted..Cowboys riding to RenoMy Profile

  2. I was lucky enough to go to Nevis on a press trip last year, and I stayed at the Montpelier Plantation – seriously one of my favourite hotels ever.

    I always kind of prefer smaller, more individual hotels to the big fish like the Four Seasons (even though they’re obviously amazing too), and this place was absolutely stunning – and the food was incredible. I still dream about spiny lobster scrambled egg breakfasts….

    Plus the islanders are amazing. It’s still such a small, close-knit community – older people are always known as Mr or Mrs (insert last name here) and every time a driver sees another driver they know, they toot their horns. As everyone knows everybody else, there’s a whole bunch of horn tooting going on!

  3. Looks like an Awesome place! Glad you could visit it. The color of the water and the unspoilt beach looks pristine. Gorgeous weather too.
    Arti recently posted..Kofukuji temple in Nara, JapanMy Profile

  4. Whoa- what an unexpected gem!
    …Also feel pretty silly that I didn’t know that island existed until I read this blog post. Oh well.
    Olivia recently posted..The Best Restaurant in PlayaMy Profile

    • Well, most people hear of St. Kitts because it’s the bigger island with the airport. Often people refer to the country just as St. Kitts and leave out Nevis entirely, so I hardly doubt that you’re alone!

  5. Looks like a gorgeous spot, sometimes on Sundays these resorts are “open to the public” meaning locals – at least that has been my experience in French Polynesia, which may be why they didn’t kick you out.
    Andi recently posted..Top Trips to TurkeyMy Profile

    • Interesting. I sort of got the impression that the island has such little foot traffic that they would let any paying customers in! But maybe we just caught them on a good day =)

  6. -honeymoon round II with SVV

    -never had a desire to go to China either. but we need to make it to the great wall at some point right?

    • Every day is a honeymoon with SVV!

      I am with you, though–I think the only circumstance in which I would go back to China (Hong Kong aside; I really like that city) is to do the Great Wall. The rest of the country is just too crowded and polluted (and dare I say, rude) for my liking. Completely opposite of Vietnam, where the people couldn’t have been kinder!

      • Don’t forget to write that on a card and give it to SVV ;- )

        As for China, only been to HK and Macau…my mom was incredibly glad i forgot you could jump off the tower in Macau- she said the rope was more likely to break b/c it’s made in China -_-. But yes, i completely concur with everything you said- SO incredibly crowded, SO incredibly polluted (even HK now too), and of course rude. Im sure people in the rural areas are nicer though. For Vietnam – im glad you had a great time. I find Vietnamese people to be really rude (maybe b/c i understand the language) compared to Thai , Burmese, Laotians, &Cambodians (maybe b/c i dont understand their languages ^_^). Guess it’s just all perspective! Anyway, your camera’s twin came in the mail today. Waiting for its “eyes” to arrive now. Pictures coming soon…or sibling rivalry? ha ha

  7. staying on topic about Nevis… ;-)…i have not touched Eastern Carrib. Islands yet but since you are…put this on the list? (St Lucia )

  8. Looking at pics like these while having a broken heater in the apt is cruel (ok, we’re talking San Francisco winter – but it’s still cold!)
    jill recently posted..Getting Naked Jjimjilbang StyleMy Profile

    • I think San Francisco winter is worse than any winter I’ve lived through–it’s deceiving; it looks so blue and sunny out, and then the wind from the Bay is enough to have you running back inside for cover!

  9. Those are my kind of days!

  10. This is just the kind of place I could spend the rest of my life… And the kind of views I could die in front of! I have never been there but now it might be my next destination!^^
    Thank you for those awesome pictures! :)
    MΓ©lanie F.
    Investir recently posted..InvestirMy Profile

  11. As Liz Lemon says “I want to go to there!” Looks like paradise. If I’m able to make it down there (mid-winter sun trip?!) I’ll definitely be sure to talk to you about the Four Seasons hookup!
    Kavi recently posted..On losing a grandparentMy Profile

  12. This place looks great, amazing looking food, interesting atmosphere, and very entertaining.
    I love that sunset scene.

  13. I never heard of Nevis before. These photos speak for themselves, they are stunning. Would love to go on holiday on these beaches.
    Shalu Sharma recently posted..Arriving at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International AirportMy Profile

  14. Nevis is now on my MUST visit list! Seriously, that looks like my kind of place, if I can ditch my kid somewhere …

    Also, I love that you just showed up at the resort pool and they were so welcoming. Long long ago, I went to LA for a week with a friend. One day our hostess told us to put on our swimsuits and jump in the car. She drove us to Palm Springs where we pulled up to a swanky hotel, walked through the doors like we were staying there and right out to the pool area. I spent the entire time freaking out that we’d get found out and thrown out. Never happened. I should have just sat back and enjoyed it. Fun memories :)
    Angie recently posted..It’s 5:02am ….My Profile

  15. It’s 16F degrees in NYC right now. I would much rather be on this island with a drink in hand!
    danee Sarman recently posted..An Egyptian Obelisk in IstanbulMy Profile

  16. That looks magical. I would like to be there…Right Now.
    Molly recently friday: drive. or walk. whatever.My Profile

    • It’s in the 20s here in TN, which is a rarity (OK, I know nothing compared to Chicago but still…), and I’m ready to be back on that beach, like, yesterday.

  17. This is certainly not on my short list, but after seeing these photos I am seriously reconsidering! It looks like the perfect way to spend an afternoon.
    Lis recently posted..Markets, Temples, and Food in TakayamaMy Profile

  18. Sounds like a perfectly simple sort of day – and those beaches – absolute perfection!
    terra recently posted..Hobo fires, mini pig attacks & the weirdest and craziest dog.My Profile

  19. For a moment thought you were referring to Australasia’s biggest bungy jump aka: The Nevis, which is neither a calming nor soothing experience!
    Your Nevis, on the other hand, looks like a beaut.

    • HA! So true! Have you done it? That’s always been on my adventure bucket list–I did the SkyTower bungee in Macau and New Zealand—and a water-touch bungy in Taupo—but when it comes down to it (if ever), it will be interesting to see if I could actually make the Nevis jump…or if I’d chicken out!

  20. all of these caribbean posts are such a welcome break from winter. since it is blah and snow covered outside, i find that i can look at these beachy pictures all day. definitely day dreaming material. thank you!

    • I can’t complain, I’m sure, compared to your Colorado winters, but we’ve had pretty crappy winter this past month here in Tennessee–from nonstop rains to freakin’ tornadoes!

  21. This Four Seasons property appears to be like heaven recreated on a heaven like Nevis.Never heard about this island before, it seems St. Kitts hogs the maximum highlight. Now, as you put it aptly, I am also going to club these together and plan my schedule accordingly.

  22. Incredible island. I can definitely see myself simply lounging next to the pool.

  23. A wonderful place to travel. Great!
    travel escapade recently posted..Travel Plan This FebruaryMy Profile

  24. St. Kitts and Nevis were for me as well like those little island spots you never heard of. However, I really liked St. Kitts a lot (unfortunately there was no time to visit Nevis as well) and I als o will for sure one day return to this cute island.
    Anita recently posted..Wieso sich Fremdgehen manchmal lohntMy Profile

  25. Nevis looks stunning. It was not on my list either but definitely is now! Thanks.

  26. This is such an awesome scenery. I wonder where Nevis is located.
    Sarah Park recently posted..How to Begin Your Business DayMy Profile

  27. My God! wonderful pics and place!!!
    @FashionTDaily recently posted..Dicas de como arrumar a mala de viagemMy Profile

  28. Yu have really convinced me to go back to the Caribbean. It’s been so long since I last visited and even then I only went to Jamaica. Your pics of Nevis look extremely enticing and loved your story of stopping off at the Four Seasons. That’s exactly the sort of thing I would do. Most hotels are normally quite accommodating of guest visitors which is how it should be.
    Neil Playdon recently posted..Tips on driving in South AfricaMy Profile

  29. That looks like the definition of paradise the scenery looks amazing…true bliss. I should stop reading your blog because my bucket list is getting too large and I’m not sure if I’ll live long enough / make enough money to be able to do all of them :(
    Canyoning Wales recently posted..Benefits of Outdoor ActivitiesMy Profile


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