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Back in 2009 while traveling in Switzerland, I spent my last night at the Radisson Blu in Zurich before catching a flight back to the United States the next morning. I remember being shocked by how posh the property was, particularly for an airport hotel. I spent the whole evening with my friend Kate at the Angel’s Wine Tower Bar, which was exactly as it sounded: “Heavenly” bartenders dressed in all white floated high above the ground on suspension cables and retrieved wine among the 400-bottle collection that patrons ordered. It was definitely a cool concept.

Radisson Hotels

image courtesy of Radisson

In 2010, SVV and I stayed a few days in Brunei while traipsing about Borneo. There aren’t a whole lot of luxury hotels in Bandar Seri Begawan, so I was pretty happy to discover via Trip Advisor that there was a highly-rated Radisson right downtown. That’s where we slept for two nights, and the staff was even so kind as to leave us a heart of rose petals on the bed in honor of our recent marriage.


So when Radisson asked me to host one day of its “50 Years, 50 Days, 50 Rooms” campaign (running Oct. 15 to Dec. 3), I said, “why not?” After all, it’s a brand I pay to stay in myself, and I doubt any of you would object to a free night at a Radisson, am I right? The contest is in celebration of the company’s 50-year milestone: The first Radisson hotel opened in downtown Minneapolis in 1962, and today, the company has grown to more than 400 properties globally with the intention to expand to 600 by 2015.
Radisson Hotels

image courtesy of Radisson

Each morning at 10am EST, a new giveaway is revealed through a tab on the Radisson Facebook page (meaning you have 22 more chances to win if you’re not my lucky winner). The winner of each blogger’s giveaway receives one free night in a standard double-occupancy room at any North American Radisson Blu or Radisson hotel of his or her choice.

All you have to do to enter is answer this question: Where in North America are you most hoping to visit in 2013?

Be sure and enter via Rafflecopter below for your entry to count! Extra credit available as always. The contest will end at 11:59pm EST on Thursday, Nov. 15, at which point I will choose a winner via


Disclosure: Radisson is not paying me to host this giveaway; however, I will receive a free stay along with the winner (though all my previous stays at Radisson properties were paid for out of my own bank account).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Comments ( 165 )

  1. I want to visit Vancouver!
    Ashley of Ashley Abroad recently posted..Saturday Snapshot 6My Profile

  2. I’d like to visit Charleston, SC.

  3. I’m like to visit British Columbia.

  4. I’d like to visit British Columbia.

  5. I have two places I’m hoping to visit next summer, New York City (hopefully) and Chicago (more likely!) :).

  6. I’m hoping to go back to California to visit my family, and also to visit Charleston, SC.

  7. I want to return to Washington, D.C. to visit more museums!

  8. I am hoping to travel to the Mediterranean or Hawaii.

  9. I want to visit NYC – it’s been years!!!

  10. Or Toronto! Or Halifax! It’s tough to decide on ONE location!

  11. Boston, MA… I bet I could get some amazing pictures from that area.

  12. I really want to do a Southern state swing. A New Orleans, Atlanta, Nashville kinda thing.

  13. I woud like to visit ft lauderdale, florida :-)

  14. San Francisco!

  15. I would love to visit Seattle :)

  16. New York City!

  17. I want to go to New Orleans!

  18. I would love to visit Chicago to see my daughter and her family.

  19. I’m hoping to finally get to San Francisco.
    Lisa recently posted..Lest We ForgetMy Profile

  20. In 2013, I would like to go to New York City, but with my income it’s a dream that will have to wait a few years. Someday, though. =)

  21. I would like to go to New York City in 2013, but with my income it’s a dream that will have to wait a few years. Someday, though. =)

  22. I’m actually hoping for a summer trip to Denver so that the Modern Love Machine and I can do a little brewery tour and maybe take some day trips to hike in the mountains. Of course, I wouldn’t complain about a winter trip and an Epic Pass to go with :)
    The Modern Gal recently posted..Election Day pizzaMy Profile

  23. I want to visit Hawaii

  24. Washington, DC in April!

  25. New Orleans in March :)

  26. Short answer everywhere. Long answer I’m really hoping I can go to Newfoundland next year (I’ve never been and have always wanted to go there), but I know there are no Radisson or Radisson Blu Hotels in Newfoundland. There are however some Radisson hotels in the province of Quebec (one in Montreal and one in Quebec City) and Quebec is a a province that, like Newfoundland, I’ve always wanted to visit but never have. If I won I’d flip a coin to decide between whether to use the stay in Montreal or Quebec City, but I’d visit both cities anyways.
    Alouise recently posted..Denver and Warped PerceptionsMy Profile

  27. Would love to take my family anywhere…. somewhere…. one day :)

  28. I would love to go to Texas…there are a bunch of friends from a group I am in that are getting together there…or else New Orleans!

  29. I would like to visit NYC!

  30. Visitng Vancouver would be great.

  31. Boston! I would love to see all of the history that Boston has.

  32. We’re heading to Sedona, Phoenix, and the Grand Canyon in 2013!

  33. I will be going to Key West and Santa Barbara in 2013 – can’t wait!!!

  34. I would like to visit Toroto where my eldest daughter lives. We could have a girl’s night in the posh Radisson room if I were to win the random draw. That would be so fabulous!

  35. I want to visit York, PA…my entire family lives there and it’s been way too long since the last time we were all together.

  36. Los Angeles!

  37. I want to visit Orlando, Florida :)

  38. I am really hoping that I get a chance to visit Sedona, Arizona. I hear their spas are great there and I am in need of some relaxation.

  39. I’d like to visit Corpus Christi

  40. My husband’s dream is to visit Hawaii….that would be lovely indeed…

  41. I would love to visit Canada

  42. I would love to visit South Dakota

  43. Portland, Maine

  44. Charleston, S.C.

  45. Hmmm…. whatever layover I end up with on my way home from Europe! I’m always a fan of NYC or Boston and have yet to make it to our nation’s capital, but I could build a trip around a free stay anywhere!

  46. California!

  47. I would love to head up to Calgary for a couple of days..never been to Canada before and we are right below it! Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway!


  48. I would like to visit Vancouver next year.

  49. I would just love to do a staycation here in Hawaii!
    Reb @ Sink or Swim recently posted..Striking out at the craft fairMy Profile

  50. I would love to go to Chicago

  51. I want to go to New Orleans so much it’s almost becoming an obsession…
    Celia recently posted..Holiday dreams…My Profile

  52. I would love to visit the east coast

  53. I would absolutely love to visit California! ive only been once on layover between flights.

  54. Portland OR!

  55. I’d like to visit New York in 2013!
    Cam @ Traveling Canucks recently posted..Stick around a few days, Frankfurt’s more than a travel hubMy Profile

  56. Chicago in the spring would be fantastic!

  57. LA!

  58. Radisson Plaza Hotel Saskatchewan Regina

  59. Since we just bought a house, I’d be happy to visit *anywhere* right now! But I’m definitely eyeing a return trip to Seattle and Vancouver. Just love it over there…
    Christina S. recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Vieux MontrealMy Profile

  60. I’ll be returning to Toronto again so I would want to stay there!
    Chrystal McKay recently posted..Photo of the Week: Yawning IguanaMy Profile

  61. Well, I’ve already won 4 day passes to Universal Studios in Orlando, and I won enough Delta miles so my airfare will be free. So I’d love a chance to stay at the Radisson in Orlando for a free night!

  62. I’m hoping to visit friends in Montgomery, AL.

  63. New York City!

  64. I’d like to visit New Orleans.

  65. I would love to visit the Grand Canyon in 2013.

  66. Fun question! I’ve actually been looking into where to go in the US in the upcoming months. We are going to Philly the first weekend of December and will probably book a flight to New Orleans for May very soon. I’m also looking into possibly going to Nashville, Memphis or
    Michael W Travels recently posted..Win A Trip For Two to Russia from FodorsMy Profile

  67. New Orleans, LA! =)

  68. Washington DC

  69. Hmmm, how about Alaska! Never been, would love to visit! Great contest, K!
    Angie Away recently posted..Bad Decisions on Kauai’s Hanakapiai TrailMy Profile

  70. I’ve always wanted to spend more time in Vancouver! We usually fly through it on our way from London to visit my family in Portland, Oregon, but it looks so beautiful – I want to make more time to explore it instead of just snarfing Tim Horton’s at the airport.
    Kerry @ Frugal City Girl recently posted..Week of November 12, 2012My Profile

  71. We’re planning a trip including Hawaii, LA, Las Vegas, SF, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and NY!
    Bernadett recently posted..Szingapúr #1My Profile

  72. I’m very excited to visit Italy, which I will be doing in March!
    Ris recently posted..Grand Central StationMy Profile

  73. Washington DC or somewhere in Hawaii … I’ll take your advice if I win 😉
    Angie recently posted..Photography and Your Blog {Bloggy Con Presentation}My Profile

  74. Austin, Texas! Swede went to undergrad at UT, and a good friend of mine lives down there now. I’ve been assured they have the most delicious breakfast tacos down there. :)
    Molly recently friday: a world awayMy Profile

  75. I have to pick ONE place in North America I’d most want to stay in? That’s pretty tough, but I’m going with Montreal.

  76. New York!

  77. We are really hoping to follow in your footsteps from a few summers ago and visit Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park!

  78. I’d head to Montreal!!

  79. Hoping to visit Clearwater Beach in Florida for a wedding and quality beach time with the family!

  80. I’d love to make it to Yellowstone this year!

  81. Somewhere in the Pacific Northwest — Seattle, Portland, Vancouver — would be great!
    Susan recently posted..What’s For Dinner: White Bean Chicken ChiliMy Profile

  82. I really should get to Chicago sometime in 2013!
    Carmen recently posted..GoodbyesMy Profile

  83. I am really hoping to visit New Orleans in 2013!

  84. I’d love to take my son back to FL – we went once during maternity leave but now that it’s mobile and vocal, I’m paranoid of taking him on the plane. I’m optimistic of taking him next year when he’s older and able to be bribed with the iPad…

  85. i need to get up to chicago ASAP!

  86. Hmm…maybe Chicago or Savanah!

  87. I want to visit San Diego!

  88. Vail, Colorado :)

  89. What gorgeous rooms!

    We’re hoping to do a family Disney trip to Florida and an anniversary trip to Hawaii!

  90. What gorgeous rooms!

    We’re hoping to take a family Disney trip to Florida and an anniversary trip to Hawaii!

  91. San Francisco, always. But, I have yet to get to Boston, and would love to make it happen this coming year!

  92. I am hoping to finally make it to Seattle and Portland next year!

  93. I would love to stay at the Radisson in Burlington, VT, where I’m getting married in summer of 2013.

  94. I would love a visit to Banff

  95. Anywhere in Hawaii would be wonderful too!

  96. I’m hoping for a trip to Chicago this year.

    Thank you.

  97. New York City with my sisters for a weekend!

  98. i’d want to visit new york city as an adult. havent been since i was 10

  99. I’d like to visit Sweet Home Chicago.

  100. One of the places I’d love to visit is Chicago! I hear so many wonderful things about it and it’s also on my bucket list!

  101. San Francisco!

  102. Orlando, FL

  103. New York for a fun place to stay while catch up on my theater habit!

  104. Clearwater Beach Florida! Headed there for a wedding and some beach time with family….LOVE!

  105. I’ve wanted to hit a new island in the Caribbean forever – I’m so jealous of your trip over Thanksgiving!

  106. Chicago – Radisson Blu in 2013! Love that hotel.

  107. Three of my closest friends from England will be joining my boyfriend and I on a road trip around North America in the summer. We’ll mostly be camping, staying in motels and couch surfing at friends who met from our previous travels so it’d be great to treat ourselves to a little luxury after months of backpacking in South America! Thanks for such a great giveaway xx

  108. I’d really like to visit Seattle in 2013!

  109. New York!!!!

  110. I want to visit San Francisco!

  111. Would love to take the train and stay at the Radisson Blu in Chicago for the weekend!

  112. Would love to visit Chicago Blu Radisson to see a concert as well as museums and zoo over the summer.

  113. I’d love to go to the Radisson Blu in Chicago!

  114. I am hoping to visit a few places! Portland, Charleston, and New York!

  115. Vancouver, BC

  116. I would go to New York

  117. I want to visit Chicago this year.

  118. I want to visit Chicago!

  119. Radisson Martinique on Broadway

  120. Chicago. I was in town and didn’t book my room there. I regret it and would love to go back for leisure rather than business so I can take in the town with my family and visit relatives while we’re there. =)

  121. I would love to visit the Radisson Blu Aqua Hotel Chicago

  122. i’d love to visit atlanta, ga.

  123. San francisco, CA

  124. I’d like to go to Toronto or Montreal.

  125. Nashville

  126. I’d love the spend some time in Maine.

  127. New York, my favourite city in the world.

  128. I would loves to visit San Diego


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