Country Dog: Vol. XIII

Since so many people have emailed, Tweeted and texted Mom wanting to know the status of our my house, I figured I would update you. If we wait for her to do it, you’ll be waiting a long time. Luckily, I’m up for the task.

Maltese puppyIt’s been a long road to this point. We packed up our San Francisco apartment in April 2011, then spent the summer going on an epic road trip, then came back to Tennessee where I have been living with my grandparents, great-grandfather and six five other dogs (RIP Kasper, who passed this summer) for the past 14 months. It’s hard getting a little peace and quiet when you live in a circus ring.

Ella in the sunlightThen, after purchasing our new (old) house—it was built in the 1800s!—we spent nearly two months renovating before moving in. And when I say “we,” obviously I mean “I.”

Maltese puppyI went all Dexter on this joint. On top of doing all the grunt work myself, I also have to manage these amateurs and make sure they don’t screw anything up.

Maltese puppySigh, it’s so hard finding good help these days.

Home RenoWe officially moved in 12 days ago and finally have rid the house of the rooms full of boxes full of crap that Mom and Dad accumulated over the years.

Moving DayThe house is far from done—I will be painting and scraping ceilings and other small tasks for months to come; Mom agreed to host a handful of Christmas parties and guests so we’re on a tight deadline…for now—but my bedroom is more or less set up, which is the most important part, wouldn’t you say?

Ella in BedAll this dust and paint means I’m subject to the dreaded “b” word every few days. LAME.

Maltese puppyStill, I’m just happy to be away from my pesky little brother—though he doesn’t live too far, so I wind up seeing him every couple of days anyway when we go to my grandparents’ house for dinner or Homeland marathons.

Knox and the Cone of ShameBut my new house and yard are killer—there’s so much space for me to roam, and I’m no longer subject to doing my business on puppy pads as I was all those months as a San Francisco city dog.

fall in the SouthExcept for that pesky Squirrel Team 6 that lives out back and taunts me from the window. Much of my afternoons are passed barking at those disgusting rodents from the upstairs. One day, they will be mine. (You have been warned, Squirrels.)

Ella and the SquirrelsI’ve had a number of visitors come visit me this fall: first, Mom’s former roommate Katy from New York, then her business partner and close friend Stef from LA, then my godmother Aunt Lemon and her boyfriend from New York. It’s hard maintaining your social calendar when you’re so in demand as I am. I’ve started having to take applications for lunch dates.

Maltese puppyI’ve also spent time getting to know the locals (aka dinner).

Ella and pigSo yeah, life is good at the moment.

Maltese puppyNo complaints from this pup.

Ella smiling



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Comments ( 23 )

  1. Kristin- that outfit you have on is Awesome!

    • I know, right? Such a fashionista, I am πŸ˜‰

      Ella, on the other hand, was such a teenager: “Mooooooom, are you really going to wear that getup on MY blog?”

  2. That looks like a great house! You’re a lucky dog to have the roam of it all!
    The Modern Gal recently posted..Your vote actually does count, just maybe not the way you thinkMy Profile

  3. *swoon*

    I so dearly love this post. It is so lovely.

    Your house is STUNNING!

  4. Can’t wait for a visit Emma. Looks like you’re having great fun in you new “digs;.”

  5. welcome back Ella…it’s good to see you again. I love your new hairdo!!

  6. The house looks wonderful! Such a lucky dog πŸ˜‰
    Lindsey recently posted..On Commitment and Travel PlansMy Profile

  7. Love the Dexter reference. I’m two episodes behind!
    Stephanie – The Travel Chica recently posted..Coolest playground ever… for adults too!My Profile

    • We are, too! Now that we don’t have Showtime (we have a biz account so they won’t let us get premiums), we have to schedule a viewing party at my mom’s once a week to catch up on Dexter and Homeland.

  8. Ella, you’re doing a great job on the house. Can’t imagine how much work is involved getting those two humans on the right track.
    Gaelyn recently posted..The Golden Hour at Grand CanyonMy Profile

  9. I love Ella posts! Looks like things are coming together nice :)

  10. Oh Miss Ella, you are always as cute as a button! And your house is looking fantastic, I can’t believe you did all that work with your own 4 paws!! :)

  11. I’m so impressed at your writing ability Ella. Please come back and teach my babies how to be so … well, verbose!

  12. Congrats on the new(ish) home!!
    Not to freak you out or anything, but your staircase looks a lot like the one in the haunted house on American Horror Story…
    Sweet Dreams! πŸ˜‰
    Maki | Moon River Travels recently posted..COPPER MOUNTAIN | PHOTO DIARYMy Profile

    • We have already determined that we have a friendly ghost named Bernadette =)

      I actually haven’t seen American Horror Story–it was one of those shows that debuted while I was doing my RTW so I missed the first season–but I always planned on catching up on it. Though now I’m not too sure–it might make me too scared to live in my own house!

  13. There is too much cuteness in this post. Love the picture of Ella with all the Dexter sheeting, and looking out the window!
    Alex recently posted..Fear at Fourteen Thousand Feet: Skydiving in HawaiiMy Profile

  14. So good to see you on this corner of the internet Ella! I see the country is treating you well :)
    Sensibly Sassy recently posted..Soul PancakeMy Profile

  15. I could eat her up with a spoon! I love these posts!

  16. hi ella

    your owner is so skinny and in shape

    and that arm of her looks like it could throw a GOOD punch


  17. oh Ella- you are growing up to be such a pretty pup! And congrats on your beautiful new home!!
    Danee Gilmartin-Sarman recently posted..Art Word of the Day: Lyrical AbstractionMy Profile

  18. Love the snarl in the bath photo…


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