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Photo Friday: Savannah, Georgia

If you ask me (and I’m pretty sure you did), Savannah is the most charming city in the United States. It’s one of those fairytale-like towns that I think “people actually get to live here?!” In another time or place, I’m pretty sure I would have been one of those people.

I returned last night from four days in the birthplace of Georgia, which were spent at the Azalea Inn & Gardens (much to come about that soon). I think—actually, I know—what makes the artsy Southern city just so darn charming is its 24 lush squares and open public spaces.

I spent hours strolling through these squares, my eye glued to my camera. I’ve never seen a city that’s so photogenic around every turn. And, of course, there’s the famed Spanish moss which typifies Savannah and further adds to its beauty. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t attempt to take photos of every square inch of that moss.

I found it incredibly hard to capture on camera, but just trust me when I say the moss gives the city a bit of poetic flair. It’s as if it were weeping—whether for a lost child or loved one, or simply carrying the weight of Savannah on its shoulders—and you can easily see why so many artists, writers and other creatives hail from here.

At nighttime, the moss is illuminated by soft lamplight, giving it a warm yellow glow. Twilight in the gardens is not eerie, but rather the best time to visit as they’re still and quiet and most sane people are indoors for the evening, so you can claim a square for yourself.

(Next time, I will remember to bring a tripod to Savannah. There were just so many things I wanted to capture—mostly at dusk and after hours—and leaving my tripod at home was a casualty of packing 10 minutes before I left town. Someday, I’ll learn.)

Speaking of gardens, I’m off to read The Garden of Good and Evil (finally) as book #10 of my self-imposed 52-week reading challenge—something I meant to do months ago. Better late than never, right?

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  1. GORGEOUS! Savannah is definitely on our “to do” list. We’re taking “closer” vacations for the next few years, so this one actually may become a reality soon!

    • I’m seriously thinking about going back in August. (A trip to somewhere else in the South during muggy August–am I crazy?!) I really want to take Scott for a few days, as Leopold’s ice cream has been his only introduction to Savannah so far (a good one still, I must say)!

  2. I heart Savannah! Your photos are beautiful and really capture the feel of the city.

    • Thanks, Steph! I found the moss really difficult to capture on film, but I think I walked away with a couple decent snaps (though not nearly as many as I would have liked!).

  3. Gorgeous photos, you definitely did Savannah justice! We lived in Georgia – two hours west of Savannah – for years, and Savannah was also the highlight of the state … a definite ‘must’ for any visit to the Deep South!

    • Now I’m jealous. I wish we lived closer–we’re close enough to drive down for long weekends or holidays (6 to 7 hours), yet not close enough for a day or spur-of-the-moment trip.

  4. So pretty! Georgia is one of the elusive states on my quest to get to all 50. If I am in the US next year I plan to make use of my hotel points and airline miles and take a trip the Savannah and Charleston (SC is another state I’m missing)!

    • My other favorite U.S. city! That little pocket of the South is just teeming with culture, beauty and delicious food.

  5. Ooooo….I love. This has always been one of the places I’ve very much wanted to visit. Someday, someday…..hopefully someday soon!

  6. All that moss drapery makes for a far away look, maybe a step back in time or imagination.

    Surely you have a packing list? Tripod. 😉

    Never been here. Hope you’ll post more.

    • I don’t make packing lists as it’s so second nature for me now–I travel more often than not and hastily throw everything together in the 11th hour! The tripod usually isn’t on my list because I’m normally flying, and it’s too bulky and awkward for a carry-on, hence why I’m not used to adding it to my repertoire of gear =)

  7. Just before the end I was thinking of posting and asking if you’d ever read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil! That book made me want to visit Savannah!

  8. I have always wanted to go to Savannah so badly! Ever since reading Midnight In the Garden of Good and Evil, dorkily enough. But now I want to go more than ever thanks to you. It looks amazing.

    • Bring Amy, and I’ll meet you guys there! It is truly lovely. And just about a six-and-a-half-hour drive for me (so, like SF to LA).

  9. Beautiful and compelling, as always. :)


  10. Gorgeous! It looks like Savannah lives up to the ‘southern charm’ that it’s known for… I’ve always wanted to visit the southern states!

    • Savannah, Charleston and Nashville–the three best Southern cities! Though North Carolina, Virginia and the rest of South Carolina are all quite charming, too. You have a lot to look forward to!

  11. I spent all of a half day in Savannah. It was enough to be enchanted by its southern charm and Spanish moss. Then I went home and read Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and wanted to hop on a plane and head right back. I am jealous of your four days there.

    • My first visit there was just for half a day, too! I highly suggest returning for a longer visit–even four days barely scratched the surface.

  12. I love Savannah!!! Like you I loved the squares and all the Spanish Moss. Did you take the ghost tour? I took it and enjoyed it – Savannah is just one huge graveyard!!
    Seeing those pictures makes me want to go back. I am a Canadian born and raised but I do love the south – my favourite state is Alabama for some reason. I love the southern food – I think I would have trouble fitting through doors if I lived down there!!!


    • I’m having trouble fitting through doors after just four days there! OK, maybe a slight exaggeration but it’s true my pants are *quite* snug now!

  13. Gorgeous photos, as usual, m’ friend!

  14. Beautiful!! love the pics of all the trees!!!

  15. My sister and I visited Savannah last summer on our road trip. It was great! Like I said on twitter I loved The Olde Pink House for dinner and we also went to Leopolds! Yum. :) I advise everyone to wear bug spray if you are going to wander around after sun down! We got looooots of bites!

    I also really loved Charleston. I want to go back so bad! In fact I looked at flights today. Alas, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go this year. This summer I’m planning on going to Seattle, Vancouver, and possibly Portland and I only have so many vacation days a year! :)

    • Didn’t get a chance to eat there sadly, as all my meals were booked before I got to town (and got your Tweet!). But I really want to take Scott back there sometime this summer, so that will be #1 on our list =)

      I also love Charleston! Savannah, Charleston and New Orleans are my top three U.S. cities.

  16. i went to savannah for the first time recently and even though we only passed through on our way to florida from nashville, i took 1 million pictures of the spanish moss. so surreal and beautiful!
    did you go to the back in the day bakery? i included it in my post, it was so good!!!

    • I did! I had heard of it, and then just randomly happened to drive by way it on my way out of town so naturally I *had* to stop. I had the bacon and onion fig sandwich and a (OK, TWO) cupcake(s) to go! It was divine.

  17. Awesome pictures! I was there two years ago and felt a bit of nostalgia looking at them.

  18. Savannah is so lovely! The book is fantastic too. Enjoy!

  19. I went to Savannah for the first time last summer when we were spending a week on Tybee Island and loved it. It’s beautiful and just a little bit creepy with all that Spanish moss. We did a river boat cruise, which I recommend. You get a really interesting perspective on the city. We were there in July and it was very hot but there seemed to often be a breeze, which made it not too bad. And we spent some time just sitting on patios, drinking iced tea and people watching. A nice way to spend an afternoon!

    • Agreed: It is totally eerie in a beautiful way and would be such a great setting for a suspenseful horror series. We also went in July on my last visit, and I remember being shocked it wasn’t hotter.

  20. Savannah is definitely on my bucket list! Thanks for the virtual tour.

  21. My sister just moved to Georgia earlier this year. I’m jealous that she’ll get to see Savannah before I do. I’m sure movies like “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” don’t capture half of the charm and depth of the place!


  22. You have captured all very well :-)

  23. We spent a day in Savannah during our honeymoon weekend, and I wish we’d been able to spend more time there. It was so quietly lovely. I also wish, however, that we hadn’t wasted some of our short time there at fucking Lady & Sons. Like eating a stick of damn butter.

    • It’s funny because, literally, every person I met in Savannah was very quick to say “DON’T GO TO LADY & SONS.” Apparently, it’s become one of the worst restaurants in town now that PD no longer sits at the helm. I’m glad we didn’t go there, as there were so many other delicious things to eat (and drink) in Savannah!

  24. These are gorgeous pictures! I’m so glad you captured the beauty of the live oaks and Spanish moss!

  25. This is a place that has never crossed my mind, don’t actually know much about it, but it looks beautiful and intriguing!

  26. Ah, Savannah. I was offered a pretty lucrative scholarship at SCAD and my mother still reminds me pretty frequently that I broke her heart my not accepting it, ha. When we went there to check out the school we stayed at the Mansion Forsyth Park, have you been? It still might be my favorite hotel in all the world. So beautiful!

    • Are you CRAZY? Yes, yes, you are.

      I kid, I kid…I actually had never heard of SCAD until I went off to college and we played them in tennis, but I think it would have been a lovely place to live for four years.

  27. You read my mind with this Photo Fri. I’ve been planning a drive to Savannah for months now that hasn’t seen it’s realization because I want enough time so that I’m not racing 90mph down Rt.1. But soon I hope to see that Spanish moss. So enchanting!

    • I know what you mean. Even for me with an almost-seven-hour drive, three nights was hardly enough time. There’s still so much I want to see and eat and do there!

  28. Wow, the photos are gorgeous. Savannah is on my list of US places to see. You did such a great job capturing the beauty of the place, i love the moss, it seems so unreal.

  29. These pictures are absolutely stunning, though I do think Charleston is better than Savannah. 😉

  30. So beautiful! Savannah is on my list! It just seems so beautifully Southern.

  31. Gosh, this is so beautiful. Must visit someday.

  32. My favourite city in the US South! Spanish moss at its best. Thank you for this. It made my day.

  33. Wow! These photos are spectacular. There is an element of eeriness to them :)

  34. Oh Savannah… so pretty! Love all the photos of the Spanish Moss. Another trip in August? DO IT!! We went in August and even though it was hot, we had a great time & went out to Tybee Island for some beach time.

  35. You’ve captured Savannah so beautifully in photos. I made it a special stop on my way from Atlanta to Charleston because I wanted to eat at Mrs. Wilke’s Boarding House. I’d seen a TV feature on it. What a wonderful experience that was. I love the south, the architecture, the moss on the trees, etc. Thanks for these lovely photos of a special town.

  36. Great post/awesome photosI have ALWAYS wanted to visit Savannah! This post has definitely inspired me to start planning soon!

  37. I had always wanted to go to Savannah. And it turned out to be one of those cities which met if not exceeded all of my expectations. The first morning I walked out of the bed and breakfast where I was staying I felt the warm sultry air, the excitment of almost being in another time, and the charm of my surroundings. I immediately wanted to live there. The oak trees, the spanish moss (which by the way I also couldn’t quite capture on film) the incredible squares, the architecture, all of it so wonderful. I had four different versions of shrimp and grits! Even though I had several days intermixed with a professional conference (I played hookey quite a bit) I couldn’t get enough. Just the cemetary would take hours and hours to explore.


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