When in Cowgirl Country, Dress Like a Cowgirl (+Win Some Boots!)

Here’s the deal: I’m from the South. Save summers, I spent the first 22 years of my life residing in Tennessee. And yet, I didn’t own a pair of cowboy boots until I was 25. For shame. But since that trip to Austin three years ago when I finally indulged, the cowboy boots have been a staple part of my wardrobe. When I fall for something, I fall hard. I wear them with everything: sundresses, skinny jeans, short skirts and even cocktail attire. I don’t think I own anything else that is as versatile as these ol’ girls.

I frequently get asked how I pack lightly for various trips, and the answer is I very rarely take many shoes. I usually take a pair of running shoes, flip-flops, TOMS (which fold up compactly) and cowboy boots, which I wear on the plane. This saves packing space—and they’re so easy to slip on and off at the security line!—but it also ensures my feet are warm and comfortable in transit as planes are notoriously meat lockers. But a girl can never be too well stocked when it comes to cowboy boots.

Langston’s Western Wear sent me this snazzy pair of Ariat boots (the “Tombstone” model) so I could kick up my heels and test them out while I was exploring the Wild, Wild West. They arrived in Jackson Hole on the same day I did, which couldn’t have been more fitting as that town truly captures the essence of Cowboy Country. I love these bad boys because they’ve got a nice pop of color and go well with pretty much everything I own. (Blue, pink and purple are the dominant colors in my wardrobe.) As my other pair of kicks are a standard brown hue, I really wanted a dressier pair with a little bit more flash, and the Tombstones definitely qualify as such. Plus, I adore the fact that Langston’s is a family-owned company from Oklahoma who is so active in the social media realm (I’m sure this isn’t the first of their online giveaways you’ve come across!).

Though it was raining outside, I immediately cracked open the box, bent the boots in half (as I was instructed to do by Langston’s) and took them out for a night on the town. After all, we were off to the Jackson Hole Rodeo! Perfect venue for dirtying up my new boots (metaphorically…though it was quite wet and muddy at the fairgrounds). I fit in so well you wouldn’t know I wasn’t a local. Of course, being an obsessive jumper, the natural thing to do was see how high these guys can fly. High, I’m happy to say! I kind of remind myself of Woody the Cowboy in this shot.

(And just so you know, the Canadian tuxedo was added for dramatic effect and to pay homage to the fact that I was in Wyoming, a place where the Canadian tuxedo never goes out of style. I didn’t actually wear it out in public. Instead, the weather required my ski jacket and long johns! Though I do totally adore this stone-washed, Kelly Kapowski-esque denim jacket Gap sent me last year and get a lot of use out of…just not with, you know, jeans.)

I only packed one semi-nice dress for the rare dinner at a fancy restaurant, and lo, the boots matched it as well. Our last night in Jackson Hole, we dined at gamefish at Snake River Lodge, and I felt like I fit in among the other chic cowboys and cowgirls about town.

Are you totally jealous of my new boots? Well, guess what…now you can win your own kickin’ pair of Ariat boots, too. The lovely, generous folks at Langston’s Western Wear are giving away a pair to one Camels & Chocolate reader, winner’s choice. To enter, simply visit the Langston’s site and tell me in the comments below which pair of Ariats you would choose if you were to win the contest. Would you pick the Nitros? Or the Crossfire Calientes? Or maybe the Quickdraws are more your style?

For additional entries, you can:

1) Follow Langston’s on Twitter, and Tweet the following: “I’d love to win a pair of Ariat boots from @Langstons via @LunaticAtLarge’s giveaway!”

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3) Subscribe to my bi-monthly newsletter. (Spoiler alert: Another newsletter-only giveaway to come later in June.)

As always, be sure and leave one additional comment per extra entry you’ve earned so I know to count all your added effort!

Those who don’t win can still enjoy free shipping through June 20 on any Langston’s Western Wear purchase with the coupon code CHOCOLATE. Langston’s also runs regular promos and killer specials on their Facebook page, Twitter feed and blog.

The contest is open until Friday, June 17 at 11:59pm EST. Happy playing, everyone!


Update: CONTEST CLOSED. chose commenter Briel K. as the winner. Congratulations, Briel—I hope you enjoy your snazzy new pair of boots!

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Comments ( 246 )

  1. I would choose whichever boots my husband wanted – because he has wanted a pair of cowboy boots for YEARS. Ariat has a men’s line, right? 😀

  2. i think it’s about time i owned a pair of cowboy boots! they really do punch up any outfit. the quickdraw style is perfect for me!

  3. Also, I followed Langston’s on twitter and tweeted the contest!

  4. OMG! I’ve never owned cowboy boots but have always wanted a pair. I really like the
    Ariat Women’s Heritage Stockman Cowboy Boots – Driftwood Brown!

  5. You know I am an English boot girl, but I could change my ways for those pretty boots!

  6. I would love the Heritage Western Toe Boot in Timber! Too cute!

  7. i also subscribed to your newsletter :)

  8. Since I’m pretty sure I’m Austin-bound in October, I really need those boots!

  9. Oh, I LOVE the Sonoma Cowboy in red. he Ariet Tombstone are nice too.

  10. I subscribe to your newsletter!

  11. I like you and Langstons on FB!

  12. Yay! for more chances to win rad boots.

    1. If I win (PLEASE!), I would verily choose the Russet Rebels:

    2. Where did you get your original boots? (I love! them.)

  13. Also: I have hereby liked you and Langston’s on FB! (I maintain I have always liked you.)

  14. Also: I have also hereby subscribed to your newsletter, hurrah!

  15. I’d choose the Ariat Women’s Quickdraw 11″ Boots in Badlands Brown! They’re adorable!

  16. And, last also: I was already following Langston’s on Twitter (woot!), but I Tweeted, too.

  17. I subscribe to your newsletter :)

  18. Ooh, I’ve been wanting to get me a pair of cowboy boots! I’m not really into the multi-color boots, though. They look cute on you but are just not my style. I think I’d go with something slightly more classic — probably the Legend boots in Distressed Brown or the Heritage Western R-toe in Distressed Brown or Russet Rebel. So cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. I liked Camels and Chocolate on Facebook :)

  20. And I like both camels and chocolate and langstons on facebook!

  21. I am a big proponent of the “boots n suits” look (I’m in the wine biz in SF)
    I want the QuickDraw 11″ in Badlands Brown!! Thanks for the chance!

  22. I love the Quick Draws! Love them. Although I’m quite the globetrotter, I have spent, cumulatively, most of my time in Texas & Oklahoma (where I was dun borned!). I love me some cowboy/girl boots. :)

  23. I liked Langstons on Facebook too!

  24. I love this pair–Ariat Women’s Legend Boots – Distressed Brown!

  25. I tweeted about this contest!

  26. I also liked both Langstons and Camels and Chocolate on Facebook!

  27. I have always wanted a pair or authentic cowgirl boots! If I won, I would pick the Heritage Western Boots in Vintage Caramel.

  28. I just liked you on Facebook, so I’ll second my vote for the Heritage Western Boots in Vintage Caramel. :)

  29. I followed Langstons on twitter and tweeted!love those quickdraws

  30. Seriously lusting after the sonora boots in chestnut red!

  31. I have my own brand new pair from Langston’s (woo!), but I had to say that photo of you jumping is the best ever.

  32. I grew up in Nevada and am now living in the cowboy part of Guatemala and still have never had a pair of cowboy boots! I think the Western Heritage boots would bring me up to speed nicely.

  33. I love the Ariat Women’s Legend Boots – Mesa Brown/Pomegranate, what fun colors!

  34. “Liked ” you on facebook

  35. “Liked” Langstons on Facebook

  36. Is that the Beacon in the first photo?!?

    I’ve had the same ol’ brown boots for about 16 or 17 years now, so I would definitely pick some fun ones like the Rodeobaby Rocker Square Toe Cowboy Boots in Distressed Brown Anteater Print

  37. I’m not a cowboy boot wearer, but these are SUPER fun. I absolutely ADORE the Ariat Turquoise boots. These take cowboy boots to a whole other level and I would SO love to have these.

  38. Followed Langston on Twitter.

  39. Liked Langston & you (don’t know why that wasn’t the case already) on Facebook.

  40. Already subscribed to your newsletter!

  41. Oh wow this would be so awesome to win!

  42. I subscribe to your newsletter!

  43. Just liked you and Langston’s on facebook!

  44. I love these: Ariat® Women’s Latigo Cowboy Boots – Yuma Brown Bison / Purple Dazzle

  45. Ariat® Women’s Adelaide Cowboy Boots – Russet Rebel / Toffee Brush Off

    I am in love with the rustic look and the turquoise color! It’s like the patina of copper!

  46. I tweeted and liked Langston’s on FB

    (I already have liked you and subscribed to your newsletter, ahead of the curb on that :) )

  47. Those boots could not be more perfect for that dress or your wardrobe – loving them!

  48. You look fabulous in your new boots. Clearly I need a pair of Crossfire Caliente Boots (though I only wear black or gray). My current herding boots are a pair frye motorcycle boots that have seen a lot of sheep dung and are in dire need of replacing.

  49. I like the Shelleen style. I too have grown up in the South and it took me until college to own a pair of boots!

  50. I love the Tombstone black ones you included. I had a great pair of Justins from university days that I gave away when I moved to Italy and now I definitely regret it!

  51. The Quickdraws for me! I also liked Camels (thought I had already!) and Langston’s on Facebook. Now I want to go back to Jackson Hole! :)

  52. Definitely the Ariat Women’s Legend Cowboy Boots in Russet Rebel! Maybe I’ll become a rebel. 😉

  53. Picking just one pair is a tough decision. I am a fan of the Caballera Western Boots.

  54. I’m subscribed to your newsletter too!

  55. I think the Ariat Women’s Quickdraw 11″ Boots – Badlands Brown are so me! I am from Georgia and have never had a pair of boots! I now live in SF and am always cold and walking….I NEED these boots!! :) Thanks for the chance!!

  56. I liked Camels & Chocolate!

  57. I liked Langston’s!

  58. I subscribed to your newsletter!

  59. I love that you just used the term “Canadian tuxedo!” Ayngelina and I both just learned that a couple weeks ago. Poor Ayngelina was so shocked and confused as to how that name came to be.

  60. Since I’ve never owned a pair of cowboy boots, I think I would go with something classic like the Heritage Western R Toe boots. I do also like the Quickdraws too.

  61. Wow…I love them all!!! But I think I’d have to choose the Quickdraw…I would wear them with everything! :)

  62. I also subscribed to your newsletter :)

  63. Ariat Women’s Heritage Western R Toe Cowboy Boots – Distressed Brown! So cute!

  64. Oh I can’t really choose, but I think I would choose the Sonora! in Bitterwater Brown :)

  65. I like Langston’s & Camels and Chocolate on Facebook!

  66. I tweeted (@jdlevrec)!

  67. The 15″ Brambles for sure! Your boots look great!

  68. Twittered. Tweeted?

  69. Love the boots! I want the quick draws!

  70. It was an easy choice as soon as I went onto the website! I would definitely get the Shelleen in the Tawny Brown. They are GORGEOUS! Sadly, way out of any budget I have, so hopefully I win! :)

  71. I totally love these boots. I like the Women’s Ariat Heritage Western Boots – Vintage Caramel in particular.

  72. Love their boots! I’ve been wanting to own boots…so this might be the nudge I need. I love the QuickDraw boots.

  73. i really like the Ariat Women’s Ranchbaby Square Toe Cowboy Boots – Brown Rebel. too cute!!

  74. Ohhhhhhhhh…the quickdraws would go best with me, my birthday suit, and maybe a guitar I would pretend I knew how to play. Another Tennessee gal without cowboy boots…embarrassing.

  75. The Ariat Women’s Shelleen Cowboy Boots – Port Brown are really quite lovely! And my birthday was last week so if this doesn’t work out then perhaps I will have to indulge in a post birthday present…

  76. I love contests! I have followed Langston’s on twitter (@heidikins13) and tweeted the requisited tweet.

  77. And I have followed and tweeted it from @theshoeologist handle as well. :) (It seemed appropriate)

  78. I’ve liked both you and Langston’s on FB.

  79. And! Finally! I’m subscribed to your newsletter. :)


  80. Although I love boots I gave up on cowgirl boots after I quit riding. You have the legs to pull these off with any outfit.

  81. I waaaaaaaant the boots. I covet the boots. Sigh, beautiful boots to adorn my feets.

  82. I love these Ariat® Women’s Fatbaby Boots – Scalloped Saddle. So cute

  83. I like Camels & Chocolate on Facebook

  84. I like Langston’s on facebook

  85. I subscribe to your newsletter!

  86. The Crossfire Calientes are beyond stunning. I’d love to wear them especially when I’m having a not so stellar day because I can look down at them and pretend I’m a Phoenix, rising from the ashes.

  87. love those quickdraws! i need a pair of brown boots!

  88. i like both of you on FB!

  89. I subscribed to your newsletter!

  90. I would definitely choose the Ariat Women’s Heritage Western R Toe Cowboy Boots – Distressed Brown. I’m a Kentucky gal, so cowboy boots are part of my regular wardrobe as well!

  91. Great boots! They match your dress perfectly! Since if I win your contest, these would be my first pair of cowboy boots, I’d go with the Quickfire.

  92. I follow Langston’s on Twitter, & I tweeted about the giveaway! (@shelltonbelle)

  93. I would pick the Ariat Women’s Legend Boots – Distressed Brown. So cute!!

  94. I “like” Langston’s & Camels & Chocolate on Facebook!

  95. I subscribed to the newsletter!

  96. Driftwood Brown!

  97. I followed Langston’s on twitter and tweeted the contest! I would love to win this. I have had the same pair of Ariat’s for four years and have yet to be able to afford a new pair. This country girl is in need of some new crap kickers :)

  98. Bonus Entry #2
    I liked both Langston’s and Camels and Chocolate on Fb. I would love to win the Quickdraws! :)

  99. I would love to win the Quickdraws! they are so simple and yet so versatile! I have sooooo many outfits that they would fit!

  100. Bonus Entry #3
    I am now subscribed to receive your bi-monthly newsletters. I can’t wait to see what you are doing next!

  101. I would love a pair. I live in Wyoming and am currently bootless ! Shameful, I know ! Thanks for the opportunity .

  102. These boots are amazingly lovely! I want want want the Ariat Women’s Sonora Cowboy Boots – Bitterwater Brown, just gorgeous. I too would wear them with EVERYTHING. I’m a one shoe fits all kinda gal.
    Also I’m incredibly jealous of your entire roadtrip/camping experience. It’s on a life list for us!

  103. Bonus Entry #2….I’m a subscriber of your newsletter! Always happy to see it in my inbox!

  104. randy saunders June 13, 2011 at 7:53 am

    I follow Langston’s on FB, and would love to win these for my wife! Thank you for the opportunity! Ariat® Women’s Crossfire Cowboy Boots – Earth / Grazing Green (Discontinued

  105. I must confess, I have never worn a pair of cowboy boots myself. I’m not very confident when it comes to shoe choices, partially, I believe, because donning the wrong shoes on my size nines can make them look enormous. But seeing all those pictures of you and your cowboy cuteness, I’m pretty sure I could find the courage to take some for a stomp!

    I’d choose either:

    1) The Corral Boots with the Goat Laser Overlay in Chocolate Sand and Turquoise.

    2) Ariat Women’s Sonora Cowboy Boots in Bitterwater Brown

    3) Corral Women’s Daisy Cowboy Boots in Cognac

    All three are tame enough that I wouldn’t feel ridiculous wearing them and would go with most everything I own, but have their own unusual pop of color or design to make them a little special.

  106. #2 for Liking Camels and Chocolate. You should feel honored, I don’t Like many things!

  107. And #3 for getting your newsletter! I love me some Camels and Chocolate!

  108. Lovergirl, I am going to enter ALL OF YOUR CONTESTS. Especially this one.

  109. I love Ariat’s!! What a great giveaway. I’m in Tennessee, and cowboy boots are a staple year round. :) I subscribe to the newsletter!!


  110. I would pick the Ariat Women’s Shelleen Cowboy Boots in the Port Brown color. Love those swirls!

  111. Also, I’m a newsletter subscriber! :)

  112. Plus, just in case these boots are meant to be mine, I am a fan of both Langston’s and C&C on facebook!

  113. I can’t decide between the tombstones and the Dixie Cowboys. I love cowboy boots!

  114. I seriously want those Fatbabys in Black Deertan. Yee-haw!

  115. I ALSO like you both on Facebook!

  116. And I DEFINITELY subscribe to the newsletter!

  117. Great giveaway! I like the Ariat Women’s Legend Boots – Distressed Brown!

  118. I’ve liked you and Langston’s on Facebook.

    I like the Ariat Women’s Legend Boots – Distressed Brown!

  119. I tweeted the contest and followed Langston’s.!/briel79

    I like the Ariat Women’s Legend Boots – Distressed Brown!

  120. Forgot to leave another comment yesterday after tweeting…

  121. …and that I’m already a newsletter subscriber. Remembered after seeing it in my inbox today!

  122. I love the Crossfire Caliente Boots in in Weathered Brown. It complements practically every outfit – from dresses or skirts to jeans – and would be comfortable enough to wear all day. If Kristin travels in these boots they must be comfortable!

  123. Would love the quick draws. Could wear them with anything. Thanks for the chance

  124. I need those boots! I don’t have any – and I’m from Mississippi! How sad is that? I like the Quickdraws.

  125. LOVE those boots! If I won, I would get the Sonora Cowboy Boots in Bitterwater Brown.

  126. I also followed Langston’s on twitter and tweeted

  127. I liked Langston’s and Camels & Chocolate on Facebook

  128. And I subscribed to your newsletter!

  129. They’re all gorgeous! I dig the Shelleen pair in Port Brown. Those curly-qs are fantastic.

  130. Quickdraws!

  131. I think I’d have to go with the Legend Cowboy Boots in Russet Rebel =)

  132. I tweeted! (@RedVixxen)

  133. I’m a subscriber now!

  134. I have always wanted a pair of Cowgirl boots! I love the Quickdraw 11″ in Badlands Brown.

  135. Cheryl Schoenberger June 13, 2011 at 1:16 pm


  136. WANT! Ariat Caballera Western Boots – Wheat/Mesa. Thanks for this great giveaway – I have wanted some Ariats forever!

    I also tweeted this, liked you both on facebook, and I already subscribe to the newsletter!

  137. I totally agree with you that cowboy boots go with everything! I invested in my first pair two years ago, and I rock them whenever I can 😀

    I’m split between the Ariat Legend 15″ Bramble Tall Boots in Black and the ones you were sent, the Women’s Tombstone Cowboy Boots in Turquoise with Brown Gator Print.

    So many stunning boots!

  138. Like y’all (Langston’s and Camels & Chocolate) on Facebook!
    I am split between: Ariat Legend 15″ Bramble Tall Boots in Black and the ones you were sent, the Women’s Tombstone Cowboy Boots in Turquoise with Brown Gator Print.

  139. Subscribed to your newsletter! I’m surprised I hadn’t done that sooner!

  140. I would love, love to get the Heritage Western boots in Vintage Caramel! I have always wanted a pair of cowboy(girl) boots!

    I subscribed to the newsletter (which I’d been meaning to do anyway) and ‘liked’ both on Facebook.

    Thanks for the chances to win!

  141. Last fall, I was walking around a cow pasture in South Georgia observing the habits of dung beetles in cow poo. Bent over, looking closely, I saw something out of the corner of my eye slithering towards me. Pure instinct had me stomp on the critter, immobilizing it. As I looked over and focused my vision, I saw that it was a rattle snake, tail rattling and all. I had stepped on it just after it’s head. Without any other option, I took out my pocket knife and cut off it’s head. I then headed back towards the kitchen with snake in hand, intending to fry it up for dinner. Do you know what is lame about this story? I stomped on the snake with a running shoe! Help, I need some bad-ass versatility that will not only kill rattle snakes, but go out for a beer afterwards to celebrate! The Ariat Women’s Legend Boots – Distressed Brown should do a mighty fine job!

  142. ooohhh I like the tombstone chocolate chip /brown patent. one can never have too many boots!

  143. & I already subscribe to your newsletter!

  144. Loving the “Dixie” style! I finally “invested” in a pair of Frye boots a few months ago and they are so great!

  145. My favorites are the “Shada” style in Peanut Briddle. : )

  146. Liked Langston’s and your site on facebook.

  147. And of course subscribe to your newsletter!

  148. If I won the contest I would get the Shelleen Cowboy Boots in Port Brown. They are classic while still being cute, and I imagine they could handle a rough and tumble in the mud too!

  149. I’d go for the Ariat Women’s Legend Cowboy Boots – Russet Rebel. Great giveaway!

  150. I’d love a pair of Ariat Men’s Work Hog Waterproof Pull On Work Boots – Golden Grizzly – those are some nice boots!

  151. Legend Cowboy in Russet Rebel

  152. I subscribe to your newsletter :) I hope I can pull off the cowgirl look

  153. The Quickdraws, for sure! Love!

  154. I also just subscribed to your newsletter. I need the Quickdraws badly!

  155. I have never owned cowboy boots – these are beautiful. I would probably pick the Quickdraws.

  156. I follow you on Facebook already.

  157. I also subscribe to your newsletter.

  158. Love the comfort of Ariat work boots, but have been wanting something “fancier”. Ariat Women’s Shada 10″ Cowboy Boots – Peanut Briddle

  159. Ariat Women’s Legend Boots – Mesa Brown/Pomegranate would be lovely.

  160. I also already subscribe to your newsletter.

  161. I think I would go for the Quickdraws. I’ve never owned cowboy boots before, so simple seems the way to go for a first pair!

  162. I also like Camels & Chocolate and Langstons on FB!

  163. It would take me hours to decide on a pair! I’ve really been wanting a pair of Probabys but the Caballera’s are gorgeous! I really need a new pair!

  164. I subscribe to your newsletter!

  165. I followed on Twitter!

  166. I liked Langston’s and Camels and Chocolate on facebook!

  167. Ah yes, and I already subscribed to your newsletter. :)

  168. Subscribed to your Newsletter. Even though I check the blog pretty much every day :) A girl’s gotta live vicariously!

  169. Ariat’s Boots are so beautiful. I’d love the Legend boots in Russet Rebel- classic!

  170. I’m boring and would pick a brown pair…Western R Toe, Distressed Brown. Too bad I am moving from Colorado! Although, I am moving to the South…

  171. I think I’d pick the Shelleen. Or the Sonora. :)

  172. I tweeted!

  173. I liked you and Langstons on Facebook!

  174. Love the Ariat Women’s Heritage Western R Toe Cowboy Boots – Distressed Brown

  175. Heritage Western in distressed brown would make my day, nay month :)

  176. Awww you look so pretty in all of your pics!!! Loving the boots! I think the Crossfire Calientes are super cute :)

  177. I’d totally get the legend boots in distressed brown!

  178. Oooh! I want the Sonora in Bitterwater Brown!

  179. And I liked both you and Langstons on Facebook…

  180. And then I got my tweet on and am following Langstons on Twitter.

  181. And finally, I’ve subscribed to your newsletter. Come on, random number generator! Mamma needs a new pair of boots!

  182. Ariat Women’s Rodeobaby Rocker Square Toe Cowboy Boots – Distressed Brown Anteater Print


  183. Yay cowboy boots! I’m from the south, too, and also did not own a pair until I moved to Costa Rica. They love dressing up like cowboys and cowgirls for festivals and now, I do, too! Yeehaw!
    I’d love a pair of the Ariats :)

  184. Shada in Black! :)
    Sonora in Red Chestnut

    Between these two.

  185. So many cute options! I’d go for Ariat Women’s Legend Cowboy Boots in Russet Rebel. Or Ariat Women’s Crossfire Caliente Boots in Weathered Brown.

  186. I also ‘liked’ you and Langston’s on Facebook!

  187. And I already suscribe to your newsletter!

  188. I love the Ariat Women’s Legend Cowboy Boots – Russet Rebel

  189. Kristen,

    I love your blog.

    Glad to hear that you had a great time in Jackson too. I’ve never been up there for the rodeo but have heard great things.

    What did you order at Gamefish? Was it good? Would you go back?

    • Thanks, SnowDotCom! I love you guys (and EpicMix), too! Gamefish was phenomenal. I had the elk ravioli (a bit heavy for my liking) to start and the mahi mahi for a main (which was amazing). Scott had the broccoli and cheese soup for a starter (some of the best I’ve ever had), followed by the river trout. We had panna cotta for dessert. All of it was delicious, and yes, I would definitely go back. Portion sizes are so much bigger in Wyoming than they are in San Francisco!

      (FYI, I’m going to post all about Jackson Hole, Snake River Lodge and Gamefish in another week or two–just trying to keep my trip posts in chronological order!)

      • No, thank you Kristin. We’re really proud of EpicMix and expect it to be an even bigger hit next year when we launch 2.0 so stay tuned :-)

        Getting back to your trip, I’m sitting here literally drooling all over my keyboard. Naturally you have to get elk when you’re visiting Wyoming. (Let’s be serious here.)

        Rest assured I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts on Snake River Lodge and Gamefish! Hope all is well.

  190. Alright, you twisted my arm with ‘last chance…’.
    I’d pick the black Shada’s. It matches my mostly black (*yawn* boring) wardrobe.
    Good luck to the wiener 😉

  191. I cant recall if I commented yet but! Royal Puppy has his first sheep herding competition in july and I need new boots to make sure we look our best. Im currently herding in motorcycle boots, that cant be right.

  192. The Shelleens are pretty darn cute.

  193. Girrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrl, I’m disappointed in you for not catching on to the cowgirl boot thing earlier in life. But glad you finally figured it out. I think I’d go for the black & pink ones… I’ve got more conservative boots so it might be time to step out a little more this time around. Beautiful & Ariats are the best! Pick me!

  194. I love the pink and black ones… I have plain cowboy boots… I need some that are a little jazzier this time around.

  195. Ariat Women’s Heritage Western R Toe Cowboy Boots – Russet Rebel I LOVE this style! Cowboy boots are the best but I’m hard up for a new pair!

  196. Tough choice, but Legends with cayenne and turquoise blue are catching my eye today.

  197. I like the heritage in distressed brown!

  198. I am in LOVE!!! – Ariat Legend Bramble Tall boots in black. I already have some tobacco brown cowboy boots that I live in, work in, play in, etc. They are my airplane go to as well!

    I have been loving your posts about the West. Hubby is from northern Idaho and it’s truly “God’s Country” out there as we say. There is still so much left for us to explore and I’ve loved learning about all your favorite spots. Have a blast! (& hook up this boot addict with another pair. 😉 )

  199. Also, I am following Langdon’s and tweeted! @LejeuneLiving if you’re inclined to follow…It’s military stuff :-)

  200. liked on facebook!

  201. I tweeted too!

  202. anything brown, short & sassy! so many good styles!!!

  203. Love the QuickDraws!

  204. Mmmmm…..all are very nice but I think the Nitro’s are my favorite for my daughter!! She is a true barn girl that just came home from her first year away at University….she could use a new pair of boots!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway….

  205. I love the Heritage Western R Toe. So pretty!

  206. I am following both pages on Facebook.

  207. Just liked you and Langston’s on Facebook!

  208. And I subscribed to your newsletter. Hooray!

  209. I would choose the Peanut Brittle ones!

  210. If I won I would choose either the Ariat Women’s Crossfire Caliente Cowboy Boots – Adobe Clay, or the Ariat Women’s Latigo 11″ Cowgirl Boots – Buttercream/Pearly Mint. I can’t choose, I’m so indecisive. Great offer, thanks so much hun. :)

  211. I tweeted.. follow Langstons on Twitter.

  212. I follow Langston’s on Facebook. (Holly Folkerts)

  213. I follow Camels & Chocolate on Facebook. (Holly Folkerts)

  214. I subscribe to your newsletter. <3

  215. Arnetta Stierwalt June 17, 2011 at 7:04 pm

    I would absolutely love sporten a new pair of boots!!!

  216. love ariat boots what a great give away!! wish me luck!!

  217. Michelle Folkerts June 17, 2011 at 7:45 pm

    Thanks for the chance to win a new pair of Ariats. I so could use a new pair. I have literally walked the soles off my Fat Baby’s. I would pick the Ariat Women’s Quickdraw 11″ Boots – Badlands Brown. I like their classic look and they would look nice worn with just about any type of clothes.

  218. Michelle Folkerts June 17, 2011 at 7:46 pm

    I follow Langston’s and Camels & Chocolate on Facebook.

  219. Stephanie Schor June 17, 2011 at 7:49 pm

    Crossing my fingers and toes to win a pair of red Nitros! Been wishing for some cool boots for years!

  220. I subscribe to your email newsletter. Thanks for the great drawing.

  221. Melanie Kampman June 18, 2011 at 2:41 am

    I absolutely ♥♥♥ the Ariat Women’s Nitro Cowboy Boots – Fire Brown. I would LOVE to win a pair!

  222. Melanie Kampman June 18, 2011 at 2:42 am

    Tweeted the giveaway! twitter sheshesocial

  223. Melanie Kampman June 18, 2011 at 2:43 am

    I like Langston’s & Camels & Chocolate on Facebook!

  224. Melanie Kampman June 18, 2011 at 2:44 am

    I subscribed to the newsletter! I would absolutely LOVE to win! I remember buying my first pair of Ariat’s when I was very young showing horses. I wore them so much, I eventually wore them completely out! They were SO comfortable! I would love to get another pair!

  225. I grew up in Cowboy country and being a non-cowboy have always *hated* cowboy boots. You make them look so damn cute, now I want some! What a fascinating turn of events if I finally start wearing cowboy boots now that I live in the liberal Northeast.

    Either way, I’m a convert.

  226. Who won the boots? Meeeeeeeeeee? was it Meeeeeeeeeeee?

  227. I would choose the Crossfire Calientes if i won the contest. I sing in an original country band and these would be greast to rock on stage. Check out Tom Frietchen Band on Facebook and Youtube.

  228. I know it might be a bit to late but would you recommend these cowboy boots for my wife or could you recommend a longer lasting pair?
    Ivor Kirwan recently posted..The Top 10 Best Work Boots of 2015My Profile

    • I would recommend more of a neutral colored one that she can wear with anything. I still wear that top pair from Allen’s in Austin with EVERYTHING and I’ve had them eight years~!


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