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Photo Friday: Hobart, Tasmania

Going into it, I had such misconceptions about Hobart. I think Tasmania, I think “Final Frontier,” I think rustic and sporadically barren and not at all the cosmopolitan city I found in Hobart, the island state’s capital.

hobart, tasmania, australia, travel, photography

hobart, australia, tasmania, travel, photography

I was hardly anticipating such a thriving downtown and for there to be so many people residing there (around 220,000). The mainlanders had given us such an inaccurate impression of this charming town, that I half expected flocks of sheep and kangaroo to roam free; instead, I found a sprawling city sans skyscrapers with a burgeoning foodie scene and plenty of places to head out after hours.

hobart, tasmania, australia, travel, photography

This town also knows how to get me into a bar (as if that’s hard) by the branding alone. With names like Drunken Admiral and Hog’s Breath, how can you not want to go in, kick up your feet and have a brew? (And yes, I’m totally that girl who buys her wine by the label and packaging. Marketing people, you’ve got me.)

hobart, tasmania, australia, travel, photography

hobart, tasmania, australia, travel, photography

The funniest thing I found about this waterfront oasis is that they’re darn proud of the “Third Most Photographed City” in the world moniker, bestowed upon them by Lonely Planet. I can see boasting about first, maybe, or even second, but third? A bit of a stretch, don’t you think? It’s like saying “I’m the best! But actually…two other towns are better than me. Oops.”

hobart, australia, tasmania, travel, photography

hobart, australia, tasmania, travel, photography

That’s OK, Hobart, I still think you’re cute and perfectly delightful nonetheless.

hobart, australia, tasmania, travel, photography

*All photos taken with a Canon T1i, 10-20mm lens and 17-855mm lens, housed in a LowePro SlingShot.

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Comments ( 15 )

  1. How great would it be if there were a REAL drunken Admiral staggering around the Drunken Admiral, telling sea-faring stories to everyone coming in for a beer?

  2. VERY nice shots my dear!

  3. Charming! See what expectations will get you?

  4. I’m not sure what a “wapping shop” sells, but I think I need some.

  5. I totally understand. I was in Hobart about 15 years ago and it felt much more cosmopolitan than I expected to be. Tassie is a great place to visit!

  6. Personalmente, y tan solo por las fotos que publicas, me parece un lugar encantador. Imagino que hay “otra” ciudad mas moderna que no reflejas en el reportaje pero Hobart, bien merece el esfuerzo de ir a conocerlo. Gracias por compartir el viaje. Saludos

  7. looks a good place to explore and enjoy. the harbor shots, for some reason, remind me of Stornoway.

  8. I actually find them charming because they are claiming their third place “win” like that, I mean who does that? It’s like a whole new level of quirk.

  9. Great pics as usual! We are going to Australia soon & I’m looking forward to exploring this area eventually!

  10. I love Hobart but 220,000 is hardly big – most of the other state capitals in Australia are well over a million! I’d live in Hobart though – it’s gorgeous.

  11. Nice pictures as always – what a cute little town Hobart is!!
    I just saw that you are using a LowePro Slingshot for your camera… I just bought myself a Canon 7D and as this is bigger as my old one, I need a new camera bag. :)
    How is your experience with the SlingShot? Is it as flexible and comfortable as it looks? I just need something that does not give me severe backpain after one hour carrying it around… :)
    Viele Gruesse, Kristina

  12. Tasmania is a beautiful place and well worth a visit, especially if you are based in Melbourne and can take the ferry. Your photos are really fun and interesting and I agree with you, Hobart is no rustic outpost!

  13. I always dreamed of going there o Hobart, the pictures are so inspiring. I haven’t been able to though, here I saw some really tranquil pics of my dream city. thanks
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