Photo Friday: Aarhus, Denmark

This is the town in which I used to live.

This is the top-floor flat that SVV and I shared, compliments of IKEA. We had seven Danish flatmates. They liked to drink. And smoke.

This is the bedroom, nine-square meters with slanted ceilings (and we didn’t even kill each other once).

This is a dinner party with the flatmates. We used to host them often.

This is the view from our window in the winter.

This is the building across the street. I still don’t know what it is.

This is the outside of our home on the final day once spring finally arrived—three-and-a-half years ago now—while we were waiting for the cab to come whisk us off to the train station.

This is SVV when he seriously needed a haircut; he was channeling Incrediboy from The Incredibles.

This is Danish architecture. And two horses.

This is Den Gamble By, the open air museum on the outskirts of town.

This is my best friend Megan swinging at Den Gamble By.

This is us doing our best impression of Blue Steele, which we performed all over Europe and North Africa.

This is a typical, colorful Danish house, with a bike out front.

This is another, next door.

This is how many a night was spent, as we couldn’t afford to do much else (ahh, Scandinavia and your painful prices).

This is some friends outside our university on graduation day. We called it the Bunker, because that’s what it looked like.

This is it in the snow.

This is the inside, which wasn’t much prettier, and our semester-long multimedia project.

This is the bus route SVV and I took to class each day.

This is a snow angel on the middle of the street in the downtown. It snowed a lot that year.

This was my life. Isn’t now, but it once was. Parts of it are the same—the most important part, in fact—but the rest seems so long, so far ago.

*All photos taken with a Canon Powershot A520.

**For more Photo Friday fun, visit Delicious Baby.

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Comments ( 24 )

  1. Wow, what a very lovely place. Glad you kept your best souvenir!

  2. Wow – looks cold holy crap! I love the picture of the outside of your flat. It’s just gorgeous with all of that green growing up the side!

  3. What a blessed life you’ve lived and still do! Such a cool place to put some roots down for a while. My fave is the pic of you and SVV with the guy making a heart over your heards. Precious!!! :)

  4. What a, literally, cool place to live. Your house looks like a jungle. I meant on the outside, but maybe the inside too. A great test for you and SVV.

  5. aw. wow! my friends (a couple) live in a pac heights house with 8 other roommates and i think they are crazy! but seeing you two in these photos and make it through..maybe it’s not so crazy! love these photos.

  6. How wonderful! And how many wonderful life experiences those years put under your belt! I guess no one can really accuse you of complacency, can they?

  7. That looks like story book land! How absolutely adorable and fun!

  8. That last picture is adorable!

  9. What a great photo essay! Very fun to see this, when I clicked over expecting only one photo.

    I laughed out loud looking at the pictures of your roommates. Looks like a lot of fun, honestly.

  10. Those are really fun pictures! Makes me want to drop in!

  11. Love it! Just got all teary-eyed. Yep, you picked a pretty nice souvenir 😀

  12. I love this whirlwind tour of your life in Denmark. My favorite photo is the top one with the street of muted homes.
    Oh to be livin’ the carefree life again!

  13. Thanks for sharing! What a great tour of your life in Denmark. Looks like you had a great group of fun friends.
    I agree with Wanderluster, I particularly loved the top photo.

  14. that last pic looks like something andrew would do.

  15. I would like very much to live along a multicolored street.

  16. Yay Arhus! One of my best friends in Nice is from Arhus, and has since moved back there with her adorable baby and French boyfriend, so I will hopefully be heading that way next year to visit her and another friend in Oslo.
    It looks like you guys had a fantastic year in Denmark and how great you got to share it with your future husband! :0 )

  17. I love posts like this where people reminisce about what used to be. Very sweet look back at your life.

  18. The most important part really got me… I loved this.

  19. Ow.. I love the last part. What a great story. :)

  20. Looks like you lived in a very interesting place! I always love traveling to Denmark and seeing all the sights it has to offer. I am so happy I have stumbled upon your site.
    Kori recently posted..Jun 2, Travel AntwerpenMy Profile

  21. It was nice to meet you on if could reply it to me please!


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