Make Like a Transparent Ball and Throw Yourself Down a Grassy Knoll

So, wow, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything of substance, eh? And you’re going to have to wait a bit longer for some wit and insight to the Cook Islands and New Zealand, as I’m being charged per the megabyte everywhere on the North Island (weird, huh?). But for now, do you all know what zorbing is? No? Shocker there. Well, perhaps this video-and-photo montage will shed some light on that for you:

Zorbing in New Zealand from krysleigh on Vimeo.

But how was it really? Well, let’s just say if you’re the slightest bit claustrophobic, you probably shouldn’t let them zip you up in the airtight case and toss you down a bank. About a third of the way down, I had a borderline panic attack—and hardly anything, except confined spaces terrifies me (stay tuned for my first bungy jump, speaking of being fearless)—and squeezed my eyes shut until I rolled to the bottom of the hill and they let me out. Still, in the words of Barney Stinson, it was LEGENDARY.

All photos courtesy of the lovely people at Zorb Rotorua; if you find yourself in the North Island area, visit them! You won’t regret it (erm, unless you’re claustro, of course!).

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  1. That is crazy- I don’t know if I would have the courage to try that.

  2. Something tells me it would be somewhat like being in a washing machine.

    I’d love to have a go though.

  3. I never realized there was water in there with you while doing this. In any case, sign me up!

  4. Your so cute. Like a lovable little white mouse. Love the pics at the end.

  5. This is one of the things on my life list! It looks like buckets of fun! Have fun bungee jumping & why not throw in sky diving while you’re at it?

  6. Is that a blue orifice ? So great the jumping pictures at the end.

  7. I HAVE TO TRY THAT ONE DAY! Thank you for introducing it to me!

  8. That video just rocked my morning. It was perfect.

  9. this video is great. it looks like so much fun!!


  11. Oh man, zorbing! It was fun when I did it, except I was in the middle of two other people, and so I kept bashing into them. Also, it was mid-winter and we were just in togs (brr!). Still, a few seconds of a rush!

    You should totally go caving in Waitomo and canyoning if you haven’t. (and of course bungy jumping but I think you already said you’re doing that).

  12. Zorbing has been added to my bucket list!!

  13. There’s WATER in there?!
    Now I know how my hamster used to feel.

  14. love the soundtrack! and the subtitles! so jeal…

  15. That looks awesome! Great video :) Zorbing is now on my “To-Do” list!

  16. Wow! At the end there, it kind of looked like a post-birth picture. You know, not to get too medical on your or anything.

    That looks amazing!

  17. Wow! At the end there, it kind of looked like a post-birth picture. You know, not to get too medical on you or anything.

    That looks amazing!

  18. I have wanted to do that ever since I saw it on (don’t judge me) MTV’s Road Rules. It looks awesome!

  19. Hey there – great to see your website today – haven’t visited in a while and your mom didn’t tell me you were in NZ! I have relatives there and was there in 1982! Rotorua was beautiful – I have picutres from there myself! Maybe sometime I’ll show you my photos (not like your professional ones, but still…). Hope you enjoy the islands – I’ll have to tell you my Magnum P.I. story from the South Islands sometime!

  20. Does this remind no one else of American Gladiators??

  21. wow, i’ve seen Ian Wright at Lonely Planet (Pilot Guides) do this in NZ!!!

  22. Zorbing IS a kick, huh? The great news is folks in the US can now enjoy the ride in Sevierville, Tenn., just outside Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.

  23. New Zealand, it’s a small island, right? More sheep than people, correct? If you happen to run into two, rock climbing women from Arizona named Krissy and Stacy, say ‘Hi!” for me. They’ll be traveling by a van they purchased (very easy to do I learned) and crashing in it after the many pubs they visit. By the way, congratulations on your award!

  24. If you want to do it again, there’s a place in Tennessee where you can….

  25. HA HA HA. only you would make this intrepid video and finish it off with a montage of cheeseball photos. awesome!

  26. I’m guessing the part where you get real quiet is when the panic attack started, right? Boy those guys had fun taking pictures with you afterwards : ) ! So cute!

  27. i love the video – especially the pics at the end!

  28. I’ve been a long-time reader and had to comment when I saw that you tried the ZORB… I work for a travel website and am currently researching information on the only ZORB in the states, which is strangely enough located in Pigeon Forge, TN! Aren’t you from TN? I guess if you feel the urge to be tossed down grassy knoll again, you won’t have to travel quite as far as NZ! Keep up the great travel stories, your blog is always a pleasure to read.

  29. Hi there … nice to visit here.
    I hope this relation can growth ….

  30. I love Zorbing….I too also video taped myself inside going down the hill. Oh and I think you had the same people helping you out the zorb as I did…but they didn’t do any of the fun stuff they did with you (like jumping for joy).


  1. […] capital of the world, New Zealand is ideal for adrenaline junkies. While there, I bungy jumped, Zorbed and went blackwater rafting in caves full of glowworms. It was wild! Plus, the countryside is just […]

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