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Shameless Confession Wednesday: On Politics

A couple years ago, I had cocktails with this guy:

The same one who’s BFF (Matt Damon) I’m standing up later this month for a jaunt to Central America. Even though he was doing press for his new film at the time, Hollywoodland, the topic quickly changed to sex and politics (naturally). Now, I’m not party affiliated, nor am I one to willingly engage in discussions of that nature, but IT’S FREAKIN’ BEN AFFLECK, and if Ben Affleck wants to talk politics, you don’t subtley try to change the topic to global warming and world peace. You just don’t.

So I let him gab on and on and on…until THE Ken Sunshine came and collected him…and in that time he began chatting about some Obama dude. Now, I had just returned from a year of living in Europe, in a country where the native language—Danish—is spoken in hot potato and incomprehensible to normal ears (meaning it was very easy to be removed from all news issues of international importance), and when I came back, I had missed out on so much: Borat, Bluetooth, and Colbert’s rise to infamy power, namely. So, I was clueless, to put it mildly. Besides, I find politics exhaustingly boring, if you must know the truth.

So Obama? Yeah, had not the slightest idea who the heck our future president was (granted, it was two years prior to the election, but still). Benny, as I like to call him, kept singing this guy’s praises, and you know who I thought he was talking about the whole entire time? That’s right, folks, OSAMA BIN LADEN. It took me months of tossing this thought in my mind: My beloved Benny, Oscar winner and doting husband to the lovely Jennifer Garner, is a supporter of terrorists–and not even ashamed to hide it! (I guess if I really cared, I could have Googled him, but alas, I had more important things on my mind….)

And that’s my embarrassing revelation for today. In fact, this Shameless Confession Wednesday is kind of fun–and besides, Tina Fey says self deprecation is all the rage and who am I to argue with her?–so maybe it will become a regular thing. (Then again, I’m not one for consistency.)

Have you ever experienced a similar political faux pas? Tell me I’m not alone!

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  1. That’s pretty awesome. But what did you say in response to him?

  2. Ummm. Sorry. Can’t say that I have ever committed a political faux pas. I am a junkie for reading political stuff, perhaps a leftover from the days of when I thought of eventually becoming a campaign manager. Because I can tell you how to spin the hell out of stuff.

  3. Until recently I kept trying to figure out how the milky way could really be milk in the sky.
    Hmm, I actually don’t think I should have admitted that. I’ve had some stupid moments, but this is really bad.

  4. oh man that is too funny!

  5. ha!

    i am known for having rather stupid moments myself!

  6. OK. Can we trade lives for a week?

  7. That’s quite funny! Jealous of your time/photo shoot with Ben Affleck!!

  8. I specialize more in grossly misunderstanding song lyrics…some of my “interpretations” are the stuff of legend.

  9. oh my god. i would have done the exact. same. thing. we are classy πŸ˜‰

  10. This is precisely why I have to hide under the table whenever people start to talk politics.

  11. Hehe! So, does he have something in that pretty head? He seems like a bit of an airhead to me… But I really don’t know where I get my prejudices from!

  12. Hahaaaaa! That is HILARIOUS. Also, hi. I want to hang out with Ben Affleck. My biggest brush with celebrity was when Gabriel Byrne approached me in a movie theater when I was on The Worst Date Ever and asked me for the time. Whereupon I said “I loved you in The Usual Suspects!” because I am a smooth and classy lady.

  13. I didn’t even recognize who the guy was (Ben) … You sure it was Affleck?


  1. […] I am five feet away from him trying to get up the nerve to strike up a conversation. I can have drinks with Ben Affleck and not be fazed (aside from being distracted by thinking the guy endorsed a terrorist), but […]

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